The art of creation from the artist demands the victim, the highest.

. How does the art of creation, but in my execution. So it looks like the following way. However, I immediately note that this entry describes my daily life, with which we all struggle. It is obvious that in different ways they are such a struggle, and they are perceived differently by us.

Just today was extremely bad weather, because it rained. As a consequence, I had a whole day for myself. For every day I go to work. First of all, it is my life that forces me to work. However, you would not understand me badly. Because now you probably think what to do with it. How this life forces him to work.

It's not like you think, because I love To work. Well, but work at work that I like and love. And not the work that I have to do with Coerza, as if punishable. Because I love completely, what else.

This is because the art of creation is my food.

And it fills my interior from the feet to the head. However, this food is not able to pay for me bills. Until it is a pity that it so must look like and it is that in itself creating art, it does not allow me to follow the steps.

Oh, how bad the condition affects me that I hate to force anything. However, I have no choice anymore and I have to obey the system. Because how many times you can turn off the current. It is not possible to function, but sometimes you have to live. Finally, the Baolon will begin to perform his fair work. This, I would certainly not have abolished if I took the world in which I live. Moreover, the world in which I create art.

In addition, I create something more, which nobody knows. And I will never know. Because my creativity as a craftsman's artist commands me to create, not just art. Because it's something more, as if it seemed to have. You may not understand what I'm really writing. The same is what I feel.

Of course, it realizes that lack of understanding is something normal in this world. In which human values are in one turn the plan. First of all, I am aware of the fact that we live in a world that has ensned us. In other words, we are slaves, and life at every step shows us.

However, my art of creating me is a chum and gives me a kick.

For this reason, we are unhappy to take something from us. What really makes us feel like giving such a kick that we are flying a few steps forward. However, such a state of affairs is not desirable by the elites of the ruling. Because in their eyes we should do what benefits them.

However, money is not all, no longer certainly not the top of money. Which you do not give. Because it is their regret to spend. It's a disease that hardly anyone sees, but she is. However, worst of all, it is that it develops at an express pace. First of all, the disease is just a nail to the coffin of the one who gets sick.

And now I will finally describe my art today. So I'll start with the fact that the next project has a chance to make it finally finish. Because I have a mass of different works that are started, but have run out of inspiration to finish them. However, in the end, a day is coming, in which this art begins to live again. Surely I will be able to relax what I started. I think this is a matter of time, because otherwise it may not be.


Returning to the topic, what is my art of creation.

  • Firstly my art of creation is going to complete the work that I started a good year ago. This is the best that it takes a few dozen hours for the work to complement. Moreover, to make contemporary art on its salons can host art in the style of METALMINIONPL. And as you know, this style of performance of sculptures, or figures is one of a kind. This is because my style in which I work and in what I create my art, has it to myself.  That certainly comes from the interior of the artist's soul.  In addition, it reflects what the general is hidden and sweated under the carpet. However, it is the worst that, in general, such an art and its performance carries a certain consequence. In other words, something for something. As it is in fact. And so it looks like the artist to some extent makes a sacrifice, but to whom. How is it to whom, and he who exercises over such an artist caring for him. For I will not answer you now to this question, who exercises this care. This is because there are many variants and it can be the Guardian angel, and perhaps the invisible spirit over them watches and is closely watching them as well as what these artists are creating.
My Art of life is a constant struggle with pain for survival.
Maybe you know why, my art of life is a constant struggle with pain for survival.

Secondly, my art of creating further pages on the Internet.

  • First of all, I lost the count, which I once assumed a new page on the net, and then I was forced to remove it. Because this is not my strong side, and here you have this example.. This is because there was no computer science at school for my time. Well, now I have a problem with it, but what are such problems, I would say that nothing. Finally, I can create a page I've always dreamed of. This is also a matter of time. Which I have less and fewer. Although I try to use my time to max as much as possible. For this reason, I do not sleep much. Because every one wasted minute will contribute to failure. That which I do not take into account. Because if I have a designated goal. What's more, to which, as soon as I can best, I try to get closer and shorten the distance that dividing us. That is, as a consequence of my efforts, I believe that I will achieve it. Surely nobody can say that it might be different.

In the summary I will say briefly that this is how my art is created every day. How and the fact that this daily struggle against time, which goes together with the pain sustained defeat me in the abyss. But there is no return. Because my path leads one way from which there is no return.

However, with this fact I have already reconcilled. For I am conscious of my choice and my path without return. This is this sacrifice, which I have mentioned, which I must give, whether I want it or not. After all, life is to be consumed as much as possible and I do it.

And now to forget about all that you have read here then see my last entry winning battle is the goal of life, but why it hurts

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