Art decoration, how to do something out of nothing.

Because is the art of decoration, or rather creating the art of decorating, it's something for every person and not necessarily creative? As much as possible, but such a person must want it.

For, the variety in the art of interior decoration and gardens is huge. That's why everyone here will find something for themselves and at their level of difficulty to perform.

And my task is to show you all what you would like to do. Of course, I will show it with details and understandable.

Because I already have some experience in what I do, that is, in the handicrafts. In other words, this art of decoration is my whole life. Because creating something out of nothing is my passion.

First of all, I would like to infect you with this. So that you do different miracles yourself and decorate them with those places that require it. In addition, the art of decoration, which I will show you here. It may surprise you, but I make it out of garbage, or rather from secondary materials.

What's more, the art of decoration is very simple in execution. Of course, as long as someone punishes us.

So first see what art of decoration I create. Because there's a lot of it. But this may be your eye, which you will try to do yourself.

However, to begin with, I would like to say that in the basement or in the attic and in the garage or in the yard. You certainly have items and things you treat as waste.

Moreover, you have long had this pseudo badziewia get rid of! However, you were sorry to throw something seemingly broken.

Perhaps you'll say I'm wrong, but in my opinion. It's no doubt with every pseudo waste, we are able to do something. Even a unique and original decoration for the garden and more.

What the art of decoration looks like, but at no cost.

That's why I'll prove to you that each of you can become an artist for a while.

Because the art of decoration has it to itself that you can do it:

  • Of course, without spending any money on it!
  • In addition, this art of decoration can be created by an amateur person! In other words, anyone can create such works, without exception.
  • In addition, to make handicrafts ornaments you only need a little free space.
  • Because tools like hammer, bucket, and a few other little things. You definitely have it!

Therefore, it will show you what the art of decoration METALMINIONPOLAND looks like. Therefore, see these dozen ideas for decorating gardens, holiday plots, terrace and balcony or patio. First of all, gray and boring places.

So, it depends to a large extent on you, as you decorate your plot or square.

Because It seems to me that this time has already come. So that you are in your garden or near it, as well as inside the house. Finally, he did decorative revolutions and what do you do for it?

First, I will make available artgalleries of figures and sculptures made of various recycled materials. In addition, once a week will publish an article art decoration for everyone who is happy. In which I will describe it step by step, as i myself and on my own. First of all, it is to perform various types of garden decorations and more. Of course, that with a recycling mix.

Moreover, it's the art of decoration that costs little, and as much as nothing. Because you will use the waste you had to throw in the trash.

Because the art of decoration is that you choose, and I show.

Consider what garden decorations from the recycling mix you would like (so that you) have at home in the garden. Then write me about it in a comment.

What's more, if you have any questions of attention or an idea for something else. It's also a comment. And then I will show you step by step how to make a product, that is, decorations! Moreover, I will do it in such a way that the child from the kindergarten will understand.

So, if you want my art of decoration to help you create such a garden. And that will stand out. Even from among your friends' gardens as well as your neighbors. And in addition, those who think that at their homes and after sessions, as well as palaces, have a paradise on earth. Because for sure, not some ordinary and just what garden.

You may say I'm wrong, but In my opinion you're able to surprise them!  Your learning to make art decoration will be at such a high level until nice. So you will make a sculpture of Trola and put a grandfather at the very entrance in your garden.

Of course, you can change it is something you call your garden.

For this is reality and to the surprise of many people from the abandoned place. Moreover, about which already a gardener or owner forgot.

First of all, for many years this place was forgotten. However, you believed in yourself and your skills. And in addition, you believed in my words and the fact that the art of decoration is easy and simple!

As a result, you have done something amazing and one of a kind. In other words, it can be said that from the snare you screwed such beautiful ornaments and decorations. Because what your handicrafts have seen is until your jaw falls out of the impression.

However, everything is possible, only you need to work intensively in this direction. Because if it does itself and decorate. Of course, you still need some knowledge about it. Because you can do anything you need to know what you're really doing.  You have proof of what science of making art decoration can teach you and show you, and as you see in this photo there are more than 100 sculptures przezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

That's why the art of decoration is something for you!

Finally, see what you could learn here and what decorative art you could create.

So, for example, you have some ideas here for decorating the art garden with a recycling mix. Because it's so for an incentive to motivate you.  Or maybe it's worth going on. Because as I said, the art of decoration is very simple to do

So, as I mentioned, if you get caught in the eye some ornaments or decorations. And which you would like to do yourself. You obviously know what you have to do? First of all, write to me so That I can show you in detail.

This science of decorating art is so that you can create literally works of art yourself

So first is the art of concrete decoration with several additions.

But to begin with, I'll show something simple to do. So that you feel this thing of this magic, and it can infect you. Moreover, until the point that the art of decoration, its creation will become your passion and hobby.

Therefore, this may be your first figurative sculpture you will perform yourself. Moreover, you will make it from materials such as clothes or old clothes and rags. Of course, that with the addition of concrete.

Undoubtedly, this art of decoration is within your range of possibilities. For it is a very simple project to be done. Which requires you to have:

  1. First, you definitely have some old clothes or rags or blankets and sheets.
  2. Secondly, you need a few sticks or tubes and a good adhesive tape.
  3. In addition, you would have to stock up on a bag of cement and a little gravel.

So if you have these materials mentioned above and some free time. Of course, you can start creating such or similar sculptures of the spirit character.

First of all, this art of decoration with concrete spirit form, is the perfect setting of the garden. In addition, an interesting decorative element of the terrace or patio. Because all in all, it's up to you to where you're doing your handmade ornament. That's why do what you think is appropriate.

Unique art decorations of concrete sculptures created fromNaucze you to make amazing concrete sculptures, just say yes I want it.

First of all, see what the decorations made of the doll look like!

To make this type of decoration, so that you can admire it in your garden afterwards. It's no doubt you need a doll's head, cloth with clothes, a bottle and a little concrete.

Moreover, the technique of making the decoration of the child's character is the same as in the form of the spirit. Therefore, you already know that such decoration will do in an hour.


see what you can learn to do, all this decorations

 In addition, the art of decoration with concrete form Baby Wangi.

Or maybe you would like me to show you how the art of decoration from the concrete character called BABA WANGA was created.

It is first and foremost one of the easier decorations that can be done on its own. Among other things, because this theme from the artist requires only a few components. Such as:

  1. So this art of decoration, it definitely requires you to have several metal tubes. However, if they are made of plastic, they can be. Because they will also perform their function as a frame, that is, the construction of the sculpture.
  2. What's more, you'll do this element of a docre, you'll need old clothes. Of course, the best matching ones are the clothes after grandma. This is because Baba Wanga is already a grandmother in the old age.
  3. Because you probably already know that cement water and sand. Of course, they will combine concrete textures. For the art of concrete decoration is based on this mixture of products. Perhaps you guess that without this potion it is hardly anything you will be.
  4. Well, but the last element of this decoration is just an addition. However, it is up to you whether the glass heart-shaped znicz will be this decorating element.

I rebuke you on how to make a sculpture of baba wang's concrete


And finally there is beautiful art, that is, feminine décor.

So this beautiful figure sculpture 3d from the photo below. It is certainly made of mannequinof secondary origin. In addition, made of concrete and mats or clothes.
Moreover, in order to perform a figurative sculpture of the above-presented woman. For, the only thing you need is DUMMY and it doesn't have to be complete at all. Besides, you will need from a wheelbarrow of concrete, some clothes and an hour of free time I think it's enough.

This is how the recipe for a cool grandmother or a good spokes looks like. Or on the scenery with our Lady. That's because what some people see in this feminine adornment of that Mother of God.

In addition, to make such a decoration then you need an hour of time. Of course, this hour came from here. Because you carefully considered and you could say that in my lesson.

The idea for decorations of the concrete garden in the form of a sculpture of a beautiful woman


Another is the art of decorating sculptures with a combination of clothes clothes with the addition of concrete.

And in addition, it would seem that in the performance it is a complicated and laborial decoration. However, in fact, it is quite the opposite than you think. Because to do such or a similar concrete sculpture, we need 3 hours of work for it.  Concrete art with the addition of ragclothes, is an interesting idea for garden decorations and house grounds

Secondly, it is the art of natural stone decoration.

Undoubtedly, in this article you will learn interesting information about manual painting. In addition, I will show different types of ornaments. In addition, various scenery and motifs.

Therefore, I will show interesting ornaments from different types of stones. For example, from the field stone or granite, sandstone and slate.

Because natural stone is a real element of the visual decoration of the garden. In addition, it can be the interior of the house or apartment.

Therefore, whether the art of natural stone decoration has a universal application.  As far as my opinion is concerned about it, of course, that he has. Because in every single place the décor of this type looks present.

First of all, I will briefly tell about this art.

Namely, it's about a decoration called LEVITATING STONES.

So this art of natural stone decoration was invented by an artist from overseas. Namely, we are talking about an artist who is called Woods Dave.

However, it is notable that if you want to decorate this art some place. So let it be that garden. Well, you should prepare for a lot of expenses, because it costs.

Because you need to know that the art of decorating levitating stones is a valued product. Of course, we are talking about buyers who know each other on art, as few people.

However, only these decorations can cost so much as the artist Woods Dave did. For the prices of ornaments in the form of levitating stones range from 15 to 40,000 dollars.

So, whether it suits you, such a natural art of decoration. Moreover, you may want to tune your place of this type of décor. In which the theme is stones. In addition, stones that look as if they are levitated in the air.

As you want, of course, I can show you how to do this kind of ornament. Well, but what's important is that you won't spend a buck on this view. Maybe I'm wrong, but It seems to me that this way you can save a lot of money.

Well, because in this case, the name of the artist is behind the high price of this product. For he is a pioneer. Moreover, this art of decorating levitating stones was initiated by him. That's why that's why this price.
Levitating stones are an interesting decoration, and which I can show you how to do it


And the third will be the art of lighting decoration and lamps.

So this time you can learn to create beautiful and original scenery from standing and hanging lamps.

First of all, this type of recycled decorative art is made of welded scrap metal recycled metal. Therefore, in this case, your learning to do art decoration will pass a skill test.

Because this decoration no longer belongs to those that can be done in an hour of time. For it is a laborious project and in addition requires some tools there.

However, if you have a little more time and have these few basic tools. And even such as welder and cutter. Well, you can undoubtedly take yourself for creating such or similar art deco lamps. Undoubtedly, it's also learning to make scrap decorations, as amazing lighting standing outside to the garden. Which has 15 lighting points and is shaped like a bird's nest on a tree

Anyway, as you want, I can teach you to do unique and cute ornamental pots.

Maybe first see what my art of decoration has to offer you in this topic. And perhaps such decorations from pots are what you really look for, which you do not yet know. However, what is obvious is that if you don't try something, you won't know how it tastes.

The art of decorating pots is also in my plan in which I will show what and how to do to result in a decoration or decoration.

So maybe you're interested in the art of animal decoration?

Therefore, as you would like to do even such a spider, as in the photo below. And without a doubt it's a big spider size. Which was made from a combination of metal, concrete and mounting foam.

It seems to me, or rather I'm sure you can handle it without a problem. With the execution of such or a similar ornamental spider.

So it's up to you what decorations you'll do. For you have many options to choose from.

Learning to make art decoration of interesting animals, see on this spider his too I can show you how to do it

Fifth is the art of decorating a sculpture made of welded scrap metal?

Of course, I can teach you to do art sculptures made of welded metal metal recycled metal. However, this project in the form of a devil is no longer a simple and easy decoration in the performance. However, for the wisher nothing difficult.

Therefore, you may be able to perform this type of ornament you need.

First, it definitely takes a lot of free time you need. And in addition, it's a few specialized tools. First of all, it is a welder, and preferably a semi-automatic mig. And in addition, some metal cutter, can be out of the market.

Well, but if you had such a device as plasma it would be great. Because this device can be cut metal like a sharp knife.  Consequently, it significantly improves the quality of the work performed.  As a result, this reduces the time to make such a decoration.

The art of metal sculpture scan also i can teach you, only waiting until you are ready to act, that is, cutting and welding.

In summary, the art of decoration from which after falling looks quite promising.

Do you already know what you need to do to make garden decorations with a recycling mix?
Of course, you don't have to do too much to make such original decorations for the garden and not just with a recycling mix. For the only thing you need is to follow my art, metalminionpl.

So you can be sure that I will guide you by the handle, from point to finish. You may not know though I mentioned it anymore.

Well, because in total it is enough to write to me in a comment or an email.  what for decorations you would like to perform.  As a result, i will write this post specifically for you, in which this knowledge, will help you make the intended decoration.

Maybe you won't believe it, but all these decorations I've shown are to be done. First of all, by people who are unaware of this type of craftsmanship.

For learning to make art decoration is quite simple. Because there is nothing difficult about it, which you can not cope with. And what can you have a problem with? Well, maybe in addition to the ornament of the sculpture of the Devil, because she is a little problematic in the performance. As for the rest of the decoration, it's a piece of cake and for that with your favorite.

So maybe it's time to create something interesting, to begin with some simple decorations. First of all, you need to be aware that doing the art of decoration develops the mind. Moreover, at the same time silences your interior by releasing you from these bad emotions. And which create a rather unpleasant atmosphere around your person, as well as those close to you.

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