The art of metal from the recovery of my style!!

The art of recycled metal is one thing, and in addition, it is…

Metalminionpoland is primarily the art of metal with recovery in the form of sculptures of lamp and lighting figures. In addition, I create unique interior decorations as well as outdoors. Of course, I did all this work from secondary materials of origin.

So I invite you to the world of witchcraft and magic of the Amateur Guerrilla Artist.

Since the page description is written from me it may look unusual. That's why Please forbearance!

I'll start with the fact that I'm a self-taught artist in a sense of vocation, and the art of creation is my whole life!

 It is obvious that creating real art is hard to learn, and that's because true art creates life itself.

And what is indeed the beauty of art, what it is for you, how you interpret it and relate to it. Moreover, does the art of metal created from the recovered material, or scrap recycling, have this beauty?

However, before you evaluate my art, first thoroughly verify the work I have created in a significant amount. Since such superficial inspections of the art of the artist's crafts work will reveal only what is on top, that is, nothing that could attract the attention of the recipient.

So if you're ready for it and want to know the truth about all that's hidden from us. Therefore, it is enough to follow me and my art of conscious choice. For it is the path that leads to a place where the truth is naked without recourse. 

Blog art of metal with recovery

In other words, I write a blog to show the value of what the art of recycled metal generally has to offer. And there is and without a doubt there is a lot of it, and whether it is valuable information worth your attention.

This is certainly the case, and in addition to your attention, they are worth the attention of every single person who would like to experience the art of creation. For example, sculptures of welded metal scrap, or lighting or recycled lamps.

For all this depth, what in art is most important sits a little below the surface level in a place generally accessible. So why, so small percentage of people watching the work reach that place, whether they lacked strength or perhaps desire.

One thing, however, I know for sure that what sits there in the depths of the artist's heart and soul is something magical.  Before I discovered it I thought art was an illusion. In addition, artists of art show they see their tricks, which can enchant a viewer in turn.

Of course, it is acknowledged to the error in assessing art as a form of communication, uniqueness, etc. and I regret it. Even though I lived in a certain unawareness of the existence of something for decades…

It is difficult to persuade someone to be interested in a foreign topic, in this case metal art. Because I am aware of the consequences of the urge. That's why I'll just say that you open your mind and make an informed choice. Perhaps this choice of art will change your life, as happened in my case.

You probably want to know if my decision turned out to be the right one or whether it was worth doing a reset. However, to get an answer to this and many other questions from your life taken you need to change the channel.

My daily art

Recycled art you'll do

GRU's Dru and Minions

Blog from the life of the artist Pole.

In fact, the blog from the life of the Pole artist is a channel you had to go to get information. Even with the aforementioned reset and its effects.

It is primarily on this blog channel that describes what life in Poland looks like! And because I am an artist, I will therefore describe my own experiences.

In other words, there is an opportunity to get very interesting information about life, which in vain to look online. You can try it, but how true and reliable nuances are, I'll tell you right away. For in my experience, I know that it looks quite poor, and this message of information is simply distorted!

Lamps art metal with recovery and recycling mix.

Metalminionpoland is also a lamp shop other than all!  Since you will find here the art of lighting lamps with a recycling mix in various variations of style, execution and material, etc.

First of all, I am inspired by a past era in which the work of human hands was appreciated! Moreover, such handmade products have their soul. Of course, they receive during the creation process.

Of course, this makes such a product unique. And in addition to the fact that it performs a utility function it also pleases the eye.

So I will briefly tell you about my craft work and what kind of lamps are the creation of my imagination. 

Design lamps of recycled metal art are available for purchase in the Metalminionpoland store

Metal decorative interior lamps

Recycled metal external lamps

Because it's beautiful and functional lighting for any kind of interior. Moreover, these lamps are characterized by a unique, stylish design. Therefore, they perfectly blend with modern décor as well as retro arrangements. 

Exterior lamps the art of metal with recovery in original style

Metal collector's lamps with recovery

Metalminionpoland metal art collector's lamps

The limited edition collection of custom lamp figures of minionka's nefarious servant is entirely made of secondary materials. Of course, metal scrap is this basic resource building minionlamp.






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