The art of welding is my daily work

So my welding art is the theme of this entry. In which I will describe the different methods of welding, as well as what materials can be welded together. So you have the opportunity to learn about welding methods and techniques. Moreover, I will describe the types of welding machines that I use and not only.

The art of metal scrap welding by METALMINIONPOLAND

First of all, if you have a desire to find out what the welding process looks like. In addition, what tools is used by the Craftsman welder.  Because this entry applies to each individual. However, one who wants to some degree or already use a welder. In other words, I invite all future and current welders for a while with my life art.

Firstly, what materials can be combined and what types of welding machines generally apply?
Secondly, do you know what the real art of scrap welding looks like?
As I have already mentioned, in my case the art of scrap welding is practiced, or rather used. This is why I know something there about welding metal scrap or steel.

Because the true art of welding is how we select the right materials and the right tools.
In fact, there are many materials used in the arts, as well as in the industry and in many other fields of crafts that can be welded. Therefore, there are many methods and techniques of welding, and these are:

  1.   Firstly, as we know that the welder can combine metals into a whole.
  2. The second method or technique, like the one who will be brazing, is essential that the binder is tin.
  3. Thirdly, metal welding is mentioned, in which case the material is welded to a point.

However, first the art of semi-automatic welding.

First of all, he personally prefers and applies this kind of metal welding technique. So this welding technique with a semi-automatic welder's Mig-Mag types I need. It is certainly a shielding gas, although it is not necessary. This is because there are welding machines that do not consume gas, but for that we have to stock up in the right wire, that is, binder. In addition, gas also matters, depending on the welded assortment.

  1. Firstly, they are combustible gases. Such as acetylene (C2H2) and propane (C3H8). They have properties, which is the high quality of the cut (in the case of gas cutting). In turn, this is a short start time for cutting and cutting and low oxygen consumption (compared to other flammable gases)

But I will go back to the topic, what metals can be welded together?

  1. Firstly, metal steel scrap is the most commonly combined material among artists.
  2. Secondly, it is non-ferrous metals otherwise colored metals. And these are characterized by gloss and good thermal conductivity.
    In addition, there are light metals and heavy metals.
  • As for light metals, these are metals whose density is less than 4, 5g/cm3. In addition, they include metals from the I and II groups of elements of the periodic system.
  • As for heavy metals, they are metals that have a density greater than 4.5 g/cm3.

Therefore, I will introduce several standard tools, namely the welding machines. Because every welder I mention, I'll try to describe it a little bit. Why do you know what and what metals are used?

Because of the fact that I use it myself, I will start with a welder type MiG and mag. However, there are several options that affect the quality of the weld performance. This is referred to as the welding under the cover of the technical gas type oxygen, argon or mixture. The use of gas, above all, allows us to weld different grades and steel alloys. However, in the MIG/MAG method, the electric arc is bent between the welded material and the electrode in the form of wire. What's more, an inflow or active gas stream protects the bow and the pond of liquid metal. Thus, this method is suitable for the welding of most materials. And the only thing that you need to start welding is to pick up the different metals, electrode wires and shielding gas accordingly.

 Welding machines, electrode,

Which due to the versatility of the method and the simplicity of the equipment used. Moreover, welding with stick electrodes is one of the most popular welding methods. To be honest, it is a dominant method in the maintenance and repair industry. Despite the increasing popularity of the alternative method – flux-cored welding – SMAW remains a widely used method in the construction of steel structures and industrial production. However, aluminium, nickel and copper alloys can also be welded.
Of course, when we weld in MMA technology, we do not need a cylinder. However, these welding machines have one big disadvantage, which is their price.

Finally, this is what my art of scrap welding looks like.

And that's what accompanies me in my life every day. Since for about two years I have been welding all sorts of wonders from metal. For example, a scrap metal sculpture with recycled lighting is extraordinary to me. My welding art, these are primarily figurative sculptures. However, I like the most, I really love to weld minions from the movie Despicable me or Minions are making up.

The art of welding an amazing sculpture with a height of more than three meters
The art of welding an amazing sculpture with a height of more than three meters

As for what welder personally I use this most often MIG with a technical gas mixture. However, I can handle it by welding an electrode.

However, most importantly my welding art, it's not just a sculpture of scrap metal as decorations. Because I am of the opinion to combine decorative art with functionality. Therefore, my sculptures are made of welded metal. It is also a modern lighting 3d decorative Led.

Because I would like to show you how my welding art is showcasing. Therefore, I invite you to my art of life, where you can see if there is my work full of joy, because I am a woroholikiem.

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