Betrayal is life, and I will describe it and you will not believe it

However, it is the betrayal that is exhibited to give his poor life to the devil properly. Betrayal is life, and my gibberish, because it has been called and I do not judge it, because there is data. And why and why, because someone has the Rąbane and it's quite a lot, and it can be seen that not regreted. Because yes, I promised and over the years discussed, by many ridiculed and ridicule, and some, even bulked. Finally, what do you say to me, well tell me why, and what you direct, you know it and without it. For there, even in the laughed, next to what, your life failed, the expression of the loser and the honor of the obdarted.

Is betrayal of life as much as it is happening that the devil seduces you at night

This is why, my colleague, in the Lord God Unbelieving, betraying the covered and falling for the moment. He later fought for honor and rule. After that. Because you are weak, the goal you have in yourself. No doubt I will ask you here, and it is certain that I will help. A good word and encouragement, I will add to you the faith, you fear you deaf, as much as you are poisoned in you, it is bad faith and poruty. For you work and this good my note, the hand of God imposed, you aim for plotted. Because to him, faith is in the wait. And the teachings and the work, only the crap is rotated. Because your goal is to fall, your homeland, it is a decline, no honor is a fall. Finally, the target hit and our guest already asleep, it is through the betrayal exhibited, to make his poor life, to surrender the DEVIL DULY.

Because betrayal is life, but it does not always look like this.

Forgive me, Lord, for I am a siner and blame my own, I only myself and I ask forgiveness. For the way I began to follow is to suffer pain and suffering. Therefore forgive me the Lord in his good faith. Not a poor boy, although he owes you. And above all he promised me myself. The fact that I will arrive, in his whole person, to pay the debt to you, as to the buck. And above all without any excuse. Therefore, you will see and me at the checkout, throughout this®®®®® wholesalers Okrasie. Then finally, I'll pay you right away, and I'll ask you that I'm wearing late invoices. And so above all the ladies®®®®®®® do not be angry with me and do not be angry anymore. Smile please because I will give you a few days. So I will come up a day, Wyczekuj me urgently, what would you not miss this moment. That's what you're waiting for.

First of all you have here my last entry, which Pomerania to understand your life that it is not a theater.

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