What's wrong with Led lighting? It's KELVIN

Is there anything wrong with Led lighting, or is it possible? First of all, in the LED lamps there is nothing "wrong", which could cause anxiety. However, there is something we should all know, without exception. This is referred to as a certain Led lighting parameter called Kelvin or the colour temperature of the lamp.  Moreover, these are the shades of white with which we all have contact. In addition, which for most of us is heavy to obtain, blue or generally unacceptable.

Do something wrong with Led lighting, certainly not in what you see.
Is there anything wrong with Led lighting, certainly not in what you see?

First of all, what you need to pay attention when buying a lamp or lighting. In other words, many shops, markets sells lamps in large packages. Moreover, we acquire a lamp of 5-6 000 Kelvin to our unknowing. Because we do not sacrifice time to thoroughly familiarise yourself with the instructions and parameters of the given lighting. As a consequence, after installing the lamp, we get a false hue, raw or blue.

BE SURE to read the ToolTip or field where you will find valuable information such as the Kelvin lamp parameter. In addition, stock up in the bulb K3 or less if you use such at home. Otherwise, try to install this type of lighting, just to the test. However, you will see that you will like and already have other light bulbs in your apartment, your home you won't mount.


Nothing wrong with LED lighting is not there, but remember — Kelvin.

In the summary we know that nothing wrong in the lighting is not.

Firstly, manufacturers produce lighting and lamps with a higher parameter of Kelvin, of course, with lower production costs. Therefore, they tend to push and push these lamps. Where the price is higher and at the same time attractive to the manufacturer of lighting. In other words, do yourself a favor and investigate how it applies to you.

However, I know where you will surely be in a suitable Led lamp that does not have anything wrong with you. First of all it is a hand-made lighting, moreover, it is a novelty.

First of all ARTMETALMINIONPL LAMPS, which are available at Etsy store.

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