In life, the soul of every man is wandering, because he listens

You may not yet know, but in life the soul of man is subjected to an eternal trial.  Thus, this entry is recaped in the art of the Devil and Satan. Because we may not be aware of the threat, but in life the soul can be Cleshand intercepted. Because the devil can show you different wonders, but instead takes your soul.

In other words, it is a contract concluded with the devil. First of all, it consists in exchanging fame, wealth and power by putting the soul after death. After you are famous and when you die already. For then this is the moment in which you will have to suffer in the eternal hell with other sinners.

However, it is hard to believe, but it is true that in life the soul is volatile.

In the Bible you have saved Mt + 16-because what will it give to man if he obtains the whole world and loses his soul? For what does man give in return for his soul?

Matthew 19 21-"Do not put yourself treasure on the earth, where the moth and rust destroy and where thieves break and steal, but put yourself treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust will destroy and where thieves destroy do not hack and do not steal. Because where is your treasure, there will also be your heart. "

Therefore, I will ask all readers of this article. So, what was the greatest masterpiece in human life until 2019 years? Are they phones, Internet, computer, camera, TV, radio, and finally video games?

You may not know, that's why I will answer to you all that it's music, not true? So, why we listen to music sung by famous artists and goals of the Britons. Also, regardless of whether it is sad, happy, funny, full of energy, rap, pop music?

What do you think, but whether you sold the soul, or maybe you do not know, and maybe you sold the soul, only you do not want to admit. In other words, read on if you are not sure, and read carefully.

Can a soul be healed in life without your knowledge.

For it is the only way to know if the soul still exists in life.

Undoubtedly, while listening, we feel relief and joy. In addition, we think that music understands us, like no other man. First of all it is a mystery, why it happens, and not otherwise. Moreover, the priest of the Satanic Church said that the most important thing in the life of every man is music. That is why famous people worship Satan.

However, if you don't believe me, you can search YouTube for a deep upload of your tracks.

Because still quite recently, you could hear the song Ariana Grande, called "God is a woman". So, does Satan not be a godhead to God? Without two sentences, but this song tries to ridicule God. However, this is not the worst, and that we participate passivery. Maybe unconsciously, but fact we do what should be forgiven.

I ask why the Church will finally not react, what he is waiting for, until it is too late. Because we are going to do this, to fall of faith and moral principles, do you want it? Do you want the world to reign anarchy? Do you feel strong enough and powerful to survive in such a world? First of all, taking into account what society we now have. So, what is likely that our end is close.

See the art full of Evil

However, why do songs work on us, so soothing and good? But I'm not saying that regular listening to songs is bad?

Because Lucifer had thrown out of heaven, and in life the Soul frozed.

For as you look at the Bible, you will find that Satan and the devil were once an angel. Moreover, he was also the leader of a musical ensemble called "Lucifer". He also praised the music of our Holy God in heaven.

What resulted in the fact that Lucifer was so impressed by his own beauty, intelligence, power and position. That in consequence he himself began to desire honor and glory, which belonged exclusively to God. In other words, this has begun the actual beginning of sin in the universe.

This is why God created man in the form of himself, so that he could receive the praise and love of humanity. However, Satan wants to destroy the people whom God created. This is why he tries to dismiss people from God. To forget the Creator (GOD)) and follow the sinful path of Lucifer the Devil and Satan.

First of all, this is why MUSIC is being disseminated all over the world. In addition, when we listen to music, we praise Satan. However, not only the music, but also the movie, animated cartoon, drama, etc. All this is directed by Satan to Distrale us from God.

In life, the soul has an important vital function

Consequently, God sent his only Son (Jesus Christ) to the Earth. Because he loves the people he created and wants us to know the truth. That is why Jesus dies for our sin.  However, what is the worst thing is that people, even though they did not know Jesus, would hate him, then they crucified.

Because the true art from the depths of the heart is where the soul plays a vital role in life.

First of all, in life the soul will never let you sell, if it is true.

However, importantly, there is a true art depth of the soul of the GUERRILLA ARTIST. Moreover, most are statues and figures. In addition, you can see a place where the art of metal monster DEVIL HAS created and Satan.  In other words, my DEVIL, the PISZCZAŁKA, together with SATAN, have gone to the side of GOD under my instal. As a consequence, LUCYFER lost two GOGUSIS who are now on my services. Thus, there are many of us, already more than a hundred, counting the whole FAMILY of MINIONKA. Therefore, the balance of the GROUP SPEC members to COMBAT EVIL is positive. As a result, it is a morreated preparation for one of the battles. First of all, not the original and not the last.

How in life the soul affects us, see

Because we have all sinned and deserve God's judgment. GOD, the father, sent his only son to atone to this court for those who believe in him. Jesus, the Creator and eternal son of God, who lived a sinless life, loves us so much that he died for our sins, taking the punishment we deserve, was buried and resurrected according to the Bible. If you truly believe and trust in your heart, accepting Jesus himself as your savior, by declaring: "Jesus is the Lord," you will be saved from the court and you shall spend eternity with God in heaven.

However, see my latest lamp art entry were badly chosen, for this verdict, for PAL


The art of the lamps were badly chosen, for this sentence, to PAL

Do you plan to purchase the art of Lamp for the year 2019. However, if you plan on such a purchase, it is better to watch yourself. Because this entry is a story in which the lamp was murdered, and then it takes an investigation. However, the sentence for this misconduct looks terribly vulgo.

However, you are going to replace the old ones in the near future. Of course, on new lamps in modern and unique style of contemporary art. Therefore, I will start with some basic questions. And to help me verify the actual status of your existing lighting. In addition to this, you need to accurately determine what you expect from the art of lighting fixtures. Do you have a plan for how you see it and what art lamps you are looking for. But to some extent it can even lead you and show you the direction of art.

In which you should go, in search of this wonderful lamp art.

Surely, as you wish it will lead you into place full of art lamps of sculptures and figures.  Most importantly, even though, my verification is exceptionally detailed. Because I received the task. In other words, when checking the lighting status of a particular consumer, I put special emphasis. And to confirm the relevant facts.

Surely you will not believe, but some marriage has decided to purchase a considerable amount of lighting fixtures. In addition, the purchase of these art products has allocated a large sum of money.

It seems to me that this was when the Black Friday arrived and the moment of crazy shopping. So, two lovers of dove are going to be like a professional shop. And which is dedicated only to lighting and modern lamp art. To surprise all people who, even personally, knew this happy park. Therefore, with disbelief they watched how you can acquire more than 10 lamps in 10 minutes. First of all, this unserious behavior aroused the interest of Lieutenant Żarówe. Which immediately initiates an investigation. Was it a good decision to make this fast, 10 minute purchase of the lighting project for the entire apartment?

Poorly selected art lamps are a problem for which the devil will reward

 Can you be punished for a quick purchase of lamp art?

According to the law established and governed by Lieutenant Żarówek. Consequently, the murder which the parka has committed is the judgment which the Court may impose on the sanction. However, given the gentlest judgment, it may not otherwise be. Finally it will be a life imprisonment in the prison, and do you want to know? What is the highest penalty, for killing the art of a lamp or lighting. And yet you want to know.  Therefore, remember that it may take you until the death penalty to meet for the evil acts of your own.

Because as I said in the beginning, I need to verify your needs. After you to 100% match up to you, to your liking and under your taste these art lighting fixtures you've always dreamed of. So, whether you are already willing to make it, as if it seemed a simple choice. Undoubtedly, what is the purchase of the lamp art, the interior of the apartment or house.

First of all, the choice of lighting design is not an easy process. And in addition, quite complicated. However, importantly, you need to know that the project you are going to experience. Of course, it is necessary to spend as much time as the project requires and nothing less. Do not go, even abbreviations. Because, either for a long time you will regret your decision or worse, you are waiting for death, but it is immediately verified.

Perhaps and there are all the art of the lamp, but for it are sculptures of contemporary art

When is the purchase of the lamp art to the interior of the house is this not hit purchase?

However, there is a second option, i.e. re-purchase of new lighting and lamps.

However, what's the worst thing is that once again, your not hit the product when you shop. Consequently, this lighting, among other things, the art of the lamp for the bedroom, finds a temporary place in the attic. Therefore, you are doing, as every year spring passes, and the attic goes to the first fire. Finally you can tell what we do when ordering the attic?

Of course, in the first place we get rid of unnecessary and unnecessary things. As a consequence, a completely new, albeit erroneous and haunous decision, the lighting is exceptionally not hit. What's more is and a lamp for the bedroom, and which frankly, it is phenomin. Only what to do, when two people husband and wife, can not get a compromise. As for whether the lamp for the bedroom is, or also, as the rest of the lamps not hit lands in the attic.

Of course I understand your behavior. As for the compromise, because, it is a natural symptom that occurs in a normal loving family. In addition, in a family in which it is not best to lay.

Because returning to the housekeeper in the attic, it is known what will be the final, where you go. In addition, already in one hand you have 2 pieces of lamp for the bedroom. In the second, you hold the rest of these brand new lamps, which you did not even plugged into the tension, and the damage. Summarizing your recent purchases, during which you have subsummed the moment and emotions. First, you commit another mistake. Because, you see how the lamp for the bedroom works shining, as it presents itself against the backdrop of panoramas. However, it all happens in the store, and your certainty of choosing the product you make is at all impression. Because even a merchant from the store, you can not keep up with you, or rather your craftsship.

Where the art of lighting fixtures will be found.

Well, what about how in the store these art lamps really looked crazy and phenomietic. They were certainly worth the money. However, why the next time, the new lighting has completed its life. Although this lamp is new and unused. The owner, the person who made the purchase, is merciless and ruthless.

Moreover, it is a type of man who does not care about the environment in any way. Because it systematically makes garbage, which litter later the planet. In addition, making irreversible changes in the environment, and the fact that the earth has undergone a significant degradation. For our consumer who made a no-hit choice is trivial, nothing to make you head to turn around.

However, it sticks to our Mother Earth. However, what is the worst thing is that the shards are poisoned. And their action is not immediate. However, they are exceptionally consistently applied to the droplets, the KAP, the KAP. Finally, you can hear the sounds that carry the wind. Just what the sound is spreading so quickly, but I guess I already know what it reminds me.

My art creation lighting lamp involves welding metal sculptures and figures

So see what I have art lighting lamps with metal scrap, the character of a monster Minionka.

Because I remember this period, in which this sound did not give me peace in the normal way to think. Until I repaired the liquid tap in the washbasin. First of all, the sound of the water droplets hitting the substrate has been quieted. As a consequence, now I'm sure that the wind is spreading all over the world. Without two sentences, it was of course a sound of striking water droplets, not known to me the substrate.

This is another piece of lamp that lands on the trash.

First of all, do you realize what you are really wrong with?  When during the moment and emotion. In addition, A disagreement between spouses should be made. Actually, this fact, in the main part contributed to that 4 pieces of lamp for the bedroom were found at you at home in the living room. Moreover, it did not last too long, as the lamp for the bedroom changes its place again and goes to the attic. However, the last change in the position of a brand new lamp in the living room is completely redundant and unnecessary. Because, who saw that new products. First of all, the high-quality products are thrown into the trash, into the basket and disposed of. In this regard, do people in Poland and around the lights have too much in their asses?

Do you finally know what the sound of the water droplets mean? Without two sentences, this sound is the voice that I spoke about, namely the water droples. When asked what these drops actually mean? First of all, there is only one answer. In other words, it is a conceptual sound.

How does a lamp for the bedroom become a drop of water, and how does a drop of water turn into a poison-eaching shout?
However, did you know that all the art lamps for the bedroom you threw. Of course, as waste goes to the trash, and later to landfill. However, the most important thing is that those abandoned by you art lighting fixtures have for a short moment a negligible percentage. But it may not be disposed of. Because, for example, guerrilla artist MetalMinionPL arrives at such a junkler.

To search and find this best art lighting lamp.

However, the main reason the artist visits the places of this likes. This is obviously the rescue of these products as well as items and not necessarily the servants. In other words, my art is bringing help, reanimation, rehabilitation, recovery, and finally a gift in the form of a second life. Maybe now you feel what I do in total, but not too much. As a consequence, only in the eyes of the lamp for the bedroom I am a hero, rescuing and giving her second life.

In conclusion, it's your 4 piece hanging lamps from the bedroom, on the trash turn into drops of water. And then this drop of water transforms its matter into something more acute. What of course, you would just compare to the needle. However, the needles are extremely painful in what it does. Because after such a robot, which by day and night is obliged to perform, becomes a monster.  Because what he once could and was fierce, as well as the pain that was inflicted. Undoubtedly, he gently served his prick at the beginning. Because he did it quickly and not so painfully. However, when it is already dull, the harpoon sticks its blunt core. For this reason, on the power of trying to snatkle a mess, and jerks up once in a while.

Unique contemporary artwork in a modern metal sculpture style

So, however, you killed all the art lamps, those that you had to wear in the bedroom?

You may not know, but the sentence for the murder of the lamp is exceptionally severe.
And you have finally understood where and what the needle is. Which in fact was created from the matter of water droplets. However, a drop is your lamp for the bedroom, which you killed in a bestial way. What's more, you've created one of the many assassins and murers. And who, under the cover of the poison, make what is commanded them. Namely, the task have one. That is, destruction, sabotage, demolition, total disthe spirit, to ultimately kill the culprit. And what is yours and mine and our Mother planet Earth.

In the end, you realized that his inefficient purchase, which was a lamp for the bedroom. Undoubtedly, you participate in a collective murder. However, your conscience will give judgment for the crime. Although you already know what punishment you are threatened with, for the assassination of premeditation with special cruelty. Your conscience can not do otherwise, as if it might seem like a judge, or your conscience, in a neutral way to approach the matter.

First of all, it would be wrong to decide. Because, in such serious matters is a principle that clearly and explicitly governs the recipe, without the furbriefcase, which always the creator of that system leaves.

In other words, the famous prison in Alcatraz was already called back to the favor. Moreover, you had the opportunity to honor the goals of Mr. Al Cap one and spend the rest of his life there.

Because you are an ordinary killer, what did these art lamps from the bedroom have done that you killed them?

However, only one can be inferred from the new facts. Of course you are guilty and as yet trying to murder the earth. And for what you now risk an extra sentence. First of all, even when doing a total sentence, you can not do anything. Because, there is no appeal and appeal, from such cruel deeds. What did you man in the same thing? And because for what you were throwing new equipment, for a certain death. First of all, do these all the art of contemporary lighting lamps, were they garbage?

One thing is that your stupidity and lack of consciousness have also begun and your death. I do not know if you know but you were punished with a conviction sentence. In other words, only death awaits you. What's more, it seems to me that the cruel was to be stuffed into a pal of convices. However, your case aroused a certain intaste and repulsed. Surely among all the inhabitants of the Earth. This is why it was sent to the Romanians with a note of the waking of the Palo Wnika. So we will have the opportunity to admire the true art and craftsmanship of the Mastermaster Palo Wnika. Therefore, this work of art was called, in favor of the first sacrifice.  Because maybe it does not reach you, that these art lamps have received from you a ball in the back. So, do you know what your death was called, where you die being a pal? It seems to me that I guess rather not guess? That is why I will tell you that it is WORTHLESS LANTERN, and you die in a place called a lonely.

And on the life-threatening see my last entry eternal lamps appear in history and legends



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