Heavy period in life-my fight, GRU, Dru and Minions

It was a heavy period in the life of GRU because he had to leave his current place of residence. In which he grew up and so from the village emigrated to the city. First of all, it's a further story of amateur story "My Fight, GRU, Dru and Minions". Therefore, in this section, we will be learning about the continued struggle of GRU in his daily life. In addition, his struggle with the grey reality, to which he was not prepared. For he gave him such a kick in his head, that to this day he feels his blow. In addition, you will learn a lot of other random events that are falling into our daily lives. However, most importantly, I will describe 6 ways of earning money from 2000 years.

That's why they say that moving is a tough time in life.

So, if you want to move, to the world of MINIONKÓW. What's more, they know their values and the purpose of their existence. It is of course that I invite you or you, to this story, about the history of the life of GRU and his struggle against evil, deception, false friendship and cruelty of the loved one. It is a story based on facts, and all these events took place. Because in the last part of "My Struggle, GRU, Dru and Minions", we stopped at the stage of childhood. So I'll start from the place I finished.

For this reason I have to go back, about 29 years ago, to the place where this GRU has to move from the village to the city. No doubt from the place where he felt like a fish in the water, to something quite strange to him. Where he had to face, new challenges and other realities. And it was a heavy period in the life of GRU, because not everyone is suitable for an apartment in the city. For not everyone such a life in the city serves, and that was the case.

First of all, it was a stage in a life where you had to start all over again. In this regard, a new school, new colleagues and a fresh environment. As a consequence, it was necessary to forget about old friends and places known to him. No two sentences to which he wanted to go back, but there was no such option anymore. So he had to get used to the new conditions prevailing in the city. No matter if you wanted it or not. He did not have anything to talk about in this matter, apparently it was supposed to be. Because nothing happens without cause.

Finally, the heavy period in the life of GRU began to stabilize.

Because he met new colleagues as well as a new environment. And, among other things, he also met Dru. And with whom he spent, all the days and nights. For, a lot in this period they rode on fish. What's more, it was so, that they could go on a night to spend five times a week fishing for fish. First of all, after they rode, to be able to be in peace and quiet, in full moon, to cast a float to the water and to calm wait for taking. And with that, it was different, but their goal was not to drive the fish, only to fish.

However, moments spent in silence, in harmony with nature, gave rest, in the face of a new environment, to which it was necessary to accept. Long it was a period, because the passion for fishing is continuous for years. It certainly lasted until today, if not the attack of a malignant disease. He was not aware of, and who gathered his harvest long years, but at a later time.

You may not know, but GRU had a passion for one-wheelers, mosquitoes and motorcycles. So we go back, about another 24 years, until the GRU and Dru have mastered the mania of the one-wheelers. Because it looked like this, it was for the money being accrued. Which in different ways they acquired, they bought a crumbing grata. Only to later be able to enjoy unforgettable moments that are with us to the end of our existence. And they are something seemingly insignificant, but not so completely. First of all, such acquired experiences are useful in our continued existence in society.

However, the heavy period in life returned.

And their adventure with one footsteps is a hard time in the life of GRU and Dru. And that's why heavy, because instead of riding, they constantly repaired these machines. An hour's drive, then a statement and a quick diagnosis. That, however, something does not matter, as it should. As a consequence, they pulled the engine out of the vehicle and onto the table. In order to be able to remove the malfunction, which would arise, and the known to them was that you need the engine to fix.

Because the acquisition of money, for own needs, it was a heavy period in the life of young boys. For this time, let's get to the topic, as in the years of his youth, he earned his current expenses. Because it is impossible to deny that some money there were needed. However, it is important to say that GRU and Dru are then 13 years old. Moreover, the times were quite heavy and there was no possibility of earning. But you had to somehow deal with it, in one way or another. First of all, as for those times, it was a few options where you could, a pair of golden hug.

Therefore, work so that life is not a burden.

  • Firstly, it was one of the ways to enrich itself, was to collect scrap metal from very diverse places. In fact, it looked different in life. Namely, so that there have always been great perks. Therefore, because to gather for something, it was necessary to cause kilometers, with a negligible effect. But always, it was a solution, despite the poor effects. So, the guys used this opportunity and did not complain too much, for lack of attachment. However, for example, I will describe to you one, a fairly short story. So it was and so that the guys picked up the aluminum cans. And the time they had to dedicate to three bags of cans was equal to several days of work. As a consequence, for the money earned, they bought the fuel, which was enough for them only for one trip, to fish. Therefore, they had to settle for what was.

Work to make a heavy period in your life finally expired

  • Secondly, it was the harvesting of the fruit of the forest, in the form of mushrooms, berries or blueberries. But the downside to this was that the seasonal salary. Therefore, they had to use this option as much as possible, until the resistance. So, after school, they took bicycles under their feet and into the woods. No doubt they had to go, from 10 km in the high and one way. However, the most noteworthy is that after all they went to the store. To get for all the cash, you can buy cookies and candy, on the return journey. But there were years in which the GRU was able to earn, on his own TV, video or clothes.


  • Thirdly, it was a collection of acorns, as well as chestnuts, but here the downside was the seasonal work. In addition, there were problems with the sale of the received goods. Because it wasn't once so that the guys were making their way around the elbows, picking up fruit trees for hours. After that, finally the received goods, they had to pour back into the forest. But in this way, fed wild and other animals in need.

This is another three ways to earn and appease a heavy period in life.

  • First of all, what else you could earn to make a heavy period in your life finally expired. First of all, it was possible to earn a fortress, even at the gathering of Rowan, elderberry, and other goods of nature. In the form of the roots of field milk, as well as various types of herbs. Which were, in the meadows and fields, and which it was, without punishment, it was possible to gather by not doing anything wrong. But the huge downside was that the reward for it was very unreliable and seasonality.
A heavy period in life will not pass away, as you will lay on the beach in glasses as a guest.
Be sure that a heavy period in life will not pass away as you lay on the beach with glasses, like a guest.
  • Secondly, it is planting in the woods seedlings of trees. Short was the period, because such planting lasted, two to three weeks. In addition, the road that was to ride the bike, not once stood more than 20 kilometers in one direction. So, two hours before, it was necessary to get up to the time to reach the designated workplace. Of course, back, also by bicycle. There were no mechanized vehicles, and as he had already found, it was still not for what to pour the tank. So he remained the bike and the strength of his own muscles, which it had to drive the machine, which was then in stock.


  • Sixth, it was the help of the harvest, in the neighbouring PGR, but only in the holidays, there was employment. You might not believe it, but GRU and Dru were there as they could. Because they worked from the early hours of the morning until late in the evening. Moreover, after the age of 13, they got into the tractor, under the two trailers. In addition, they traveled to the field, which was just a few kilometers away from the base. And there, they loaded full trailers with straw or hay snopkami. And finally back to the base, make the unloading.

Because it's your fault that you have a heavy period in your life!!!

It wasn't a light job, as for such a young age, or rather a heavy period in life. But nothing else was, so you had to enjoy what was available. No matter if it was hard, because no one at that time, the attention did not return. Because it was important that they had the guys what to do. In fact, it looked like making money, in times of youth, in years of childhood. It was hard for them to have anything, but they tried, as much as they were allowed. Surely it is thanks to the understanding of their parents, GRU and Dru, from the young years of their lives. Without a doubt they could do something that brought them satisfaction and on the occasion of some money there.

Because it is worse, being a paraproperty, dependant on parents, what in these times is on top. Because that would now go to the field, with the spade dig some roots there. Finally, for the money earned, bought 2 packs of worms for fish and possibly, there is no way of karma.

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