GRU Dru and Minions part one-introduction

So the GRU Dru and the Minions will tell you their story about life. However, I will start by thanking people who contributed to the history of GRU Dru and Minions 1 performed by MetalMinionPoland from Drezdenka. For, thanks to you, I realized some things. Surely you have taught me a real life. First of all, I am grateful for the lessons of humility and the opening of the eyes to the world. It is thanks to you, I have met the values and qualities of the human, but so far unknown to me.

Therefore, he will thank each individual for his own contribution, which made me someone who I do not want to be. Above all, the most important is the list of people who belong to standing ovations and to this double bis.

GRU, Dru and Minions Hello first-admission.
GRU, Dru and minions honor the first one — introduction.

Probably, it would be enough, and I wouldn't want to miss someone, and to make him sorry it wasn't. Therefore, for calming up I invite you to Metalminionpoland.

Moments like this are also happening that yesterday I left the Matrix world, another friend of mine. First of all, it was a young man, a full life, and probably nothing pointed out that his time has come. What is known to us is that with health is different, it is because I will make something like a contract, or a testament.


That's why my thoughts on the world and life. They led me to do something. Because, once and I will be in the world of the abyss. And which is trying to harness me. Above all, I will not give without a fight to take with you. Therefore, I would like to leave 50% of METALMINIONPOLAND's share and 50% of the material goods related to the business, the person who is called PAWEŁ CHODZIŃSKI.

First of all, there is a certain condition, and such that there is no opportunity to sell from both sides. Under no circumstances can the BASE be found in foreign hands, but we will still find it together as I see it. So the introduction we have behind, it's now up to the story. However, it is already in the next part of the novel "My Fight GRU, Dru and Minions".

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