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Finally, home decorations that I create only from secondary materials are already available.

First of all, I warmly welcome people wishing to refresh the interior of their apartment house, as well as garden or patio. Moreover, this entry is part of the blog of my everyday art.

Therefore, its description is made in another style, that is, my, and why I say about it.

Because most are my thoughts, which not everyone can or could understand. So, now you can consciously make a choice, whether you enter it or not.

However, I will start by asking if you have enough of this grimy gray background, in which you spend the most part of your life, as it turns out to be a bleak living.

In addition, I will ask you what your mood looks like and whether you do not feel that you lack positive energy. However, what materials are made of products of my craft to decorate the house, apartment or garden.  In this post you will learn, ie everything about decorating your home and your own interior.

Because my art of life is created from the mix of secondary materials type: metal, steel, scrap, glass, wood, plastics, etc. This is because I know something about it and you need to know that properly chosen home decorations, have an impact on our well-being?

The next is what can be done to get the Enlightenment and what decorations of the house to use? Did you know that to get the harmonies in your interior? It is first necessary to verify the decorations of the house, which interfere with positive energy.

Then remove those home decorations that hurt you to…….

Finally, there are home decorations that will change your interior.

However, I do not know if you know that there are these types of home decorations that will quickly change the gray reality you are currently in.

Above all, in this way, you gain positive energy, which is a value in itself. For, this is not all that seemed to have happened, but why?

Because the guerrilla artist creates his own art as if you say that it is an art of magi and spells. Moreover, it is the art of the depths of the soul as well as the heart. As a consequence of the process, the so-called distribution of positive energy is occurring during the creation.

In other words, my energy, as an artist. What's more, the artist, probably from the vocation, no doubt, that the energy passed and absorbed by the products of my handicrafts. So the choice is yours.

However, remember that I mainly want to help you, and how do I do it?

First of all, through my art, I want to tell you that life can be consumed in many ways. However, he realizes that my efforts in caring for you will prove to be futile.

Therefore, I will describe your home decorations, as the interior of a man.

However, I will do it in an unusual way, putting a special emphasis on what you think is the angle, your decoration and the value.

Which in the first thought you do not take seriously.

However, after a short time you start to feel hunger. What's more, in the early stages and here you disregard the matter. However, hunger makes you aware of yourself, even through irritable pains in your abdomen, and what are you doing, how the belly starts to hurt you? Surely you are looking for a cure, something that, although to some extent, appetives the ailment. Finally, at this point you reach for the Ace, the Joker.

After all, these cards are not tasty and you know it perfectly. For what to do, as the pain already becomes so strong that you endure it. It then comes to the paradoxes, so it happens in your mind, and the Psyk begins to pay you pranks, and enough is stupid that it is unintelligible. As a consequence of this stupid event, you take the challenge. In which you have to prove something that practically and theoretically can not do.

In other words, this is the paradox that, according to your feelings, after thorough analysis, as well as thorough verification looks like the following.

First of all, you think you're diagnousing the elements you think are critical in your mission. However, which, not long ago, by your exorbiting peculiarity, was not taken into account. Moreover, do you realize

What has it led you to hunger?

Namely, that you are trying to say that you have found, met, or discovered the result of the action. Moreover, in a school on mathematics you were primacy, and it only strengthens in you the belief that, however, that paradox exists.

Despite the fact that you are perfectly aware that you will consume a spoiled and stinked food for a moment. But I do not know what is worse, or for the price of your, what or short life you do something. What in the normal course of human reasoning, it is not, however, to the end understood received.

It seems to me that it's time to change the decoration, but your interior soul!

However, worse, the public is beginning to pretend to be what apparently you did. Because of this, they feel repulsion and disgust for you, but why? What do you people o de me want, because I desire life, yet to be pokostować. Does it hurt you anyway, or do you regret me?

First of all, it is not you will consume carrion to survive to be able, once again to feel the flavor. It is meaningless what this flavor will be to just be, in the mouth of who the data was to taste the mores.

What are the spectres and the conspirators. And if you already know what you are doing, your, once again, I will quote the word, just in fact, it is the term of your exorbiting EGO. However, I do not know if you know where this is a good thing for friendship with exorbitant mniemaniem. It is your seriousness, as far as yours will suffer, to death.

The most noteworthy is the fact that, in fact, with a little help from your SUPER EGO, after the beginning to be just like you stared. As a consequence, it turned out that what you thought of as your soul mate for your life is your doom.

In other words, you have sold your soul to the devil in the hope that the devil will never be a reminder of his own. So, according to your feelings you have a taste of the nectar of the gods. Finally, I need to ask you if it was worth it? Moreover, whether this short moment, in which I do not deny, as if you felt the taste of life, but whether that bit is what you only think it is.

Maybe it is, but are these poorly chosen interior decorations?

Which, according to you and your assessment, are like worth a fortune, albeit in fact, it is Fatamorgana, or mirage! Just how you prove to others that it is different than in reality.

I don't have to prove anything, but society is sure to know the facts. Even from the story.  In which you will try involuntarily to tell everyone around you that you have the best home decorations. And what you might not believe me is that yes the same thing is, do I have to repeat?

First of all, do you not see what the familiar persona is speaking to you. So it is i Mr. Grubiański King of Parquet, as a professional dancer I tell you that it is like a fortress.

After all, you do not have to tell me, as well as anyone who requests it from you, prove anything, which is not so good. This moment, in which you opychałeś yourself, no doubt over the dimension disgusting, is a sign of your pride.

What's more, you need to know that your life was a scam.

Because this substance, which you have given, turned out to be a nectar, but not of God.

Because your beverage, or rather its basic ingredients, contain something that exists and so, you will not understand. As a consequence of the intoxin of vomit and the urine mixed with the manure of the worst sorts of humans and animals.

Which, throughout the lifetime of the universe, have eliminated their worst dirt. In addition, they urinate, spited and apologed collectively in one place.  However, what is the worst that the Maestro Master chef, who is in the person of the devil himself, prepares you your favorite chips.

Yes, indeed it is the same nectar that allows you to think that maybe, however, this drink is worthy of you. What's more, what you cost, and at the same time, you have won the taste, its strong decate. Surely you consumed a samiutką essence of this decadence, something that I would compare to a tea kettle.

First of all, as I mentioned, the public is asking for specific information from you.

So, tell us how your interior decorations are tastful.

Because they want to know how they taste such ideas and the peaks that you drink with the thought that you consume nectar.

However, you remain life in the consciousness of the act, whether you want it or not. So, you're not going to decide if you can now see what ego has done with you? Finally, you have to understand that you are already a wreck, but do you have human origins?

For this, you are a person over the dimension of the vain, which and all these sins the principal has been swallowing like a young pelican. For it is not the worst, and it is that you have brought your soul to the devil. That is, who has paid you more.

However, in exchange for this, you received ordinary crap, which billions of years came to each other in a large boiler. Every now and then, only the potion was remixed and it is obvious that it was done to mix these ingredients.

In other words, the truth is that in the boiler there are souls, all those killers, rapists, thieves, thugs and criminals in the worst sense. Moreover, there are the souls of Cwela, the salesman, the traitor, the cheer, the person over the dimension of the disfigured with a tendency to bullying over everything, which only can, unless anyone surprised. In addition to that, the boiler in its interior, hosted and such a persony, which throughout his life, whether there part pretended and hid the truth.

Which, throughout this time, was hidden, before all and among others, in front of himself. In the end she had to go out and show that he was a traitor, a fake like, and not only a social, that it was still just a chank behind your back, as if you were to harm you here.

I think there is some hope that home decorations with positive energy will help heal the person, but not as spoiled as you. However, what is best of all is that positive energy allows you unrestricted access, to use the enlightening offered.

First of all, the decorations of the house MetalMinionPoland are created.

So that you can get that enlightenment. However, not only in the environment in which you reside, and also in your own soul and mind.

Why do you ask if you know at all what the home décor offers the brand MetalMinionPoland? That these are among other things, this Minionek, or rather a custom character of the nefarious minion Minionka from the movie Minions are making up, as Mrs Minionka Simpson. Finally, I'll ask if my home decorations are shot in 10?

In addition, do you know what is actually offered by me that enlightenment?

But I think we can begin by knowing my unique art. That is the speech, about the artist Guerrenthesis ArtMetalMinionPL welding machine. So, if you have no idea what products and decorations of the house I create.

However, what is most important, what would happen to me to know that my art.  It is certainly created Tytlko and exclusively from secondary materials.

First of all, they are unique statues and statues.

However, I mainly create home decorations.

Which, as a product, allow to stay in the place of enlightenment, and what is the enlightening speech? Therefore, you need to know that my products, these are custom lamps and lighting.

However, this is not a lighting for everyone. And why, yes I am claiming, for a simple reason, because my home decorations acquire certain people. These are primarily people who seek a unique enlightenment. However, as I mentioned, not only does the Enlightenment of the interior of the house or the apartment be enlightening. In other words, I mean your souls and reason, so that your home decorations will be sparked by happiness. Surely it is like I'm claiming. However, I understand you.

Because, until recently, just like you, I wouldn't believe it.  This, however, was once the most important thing now is that in the morning I got enlightenment. As a consequence of this incident, with a view to you I started to create lighting, lamps, as home decorations. Just to do it, make every person, without exception. What's more, that did not have the opportunity to get a true enlightenment. She finally received what she missed for her true happiness.

In other words, the decorations of the house ArtMetalMinionPL will allow you:

  1. Firstly, my home decorations you can use without thinking, to get the brightness of the interior light in which you are staying most of the time.

First of all, you get a de me something that you will not give you any one artist creating home decorations. So here you get such a package, you can say that my art of life gives you two in one. That is to say, the enlightenment of your mind and at the same time your soul, which you can easily read. For it will become as you understand the entire consensus of the message that is offered to you, through my home decorations.

Which are in the form of unconventional lighting and lamps. As a consequence, you get an option that will allow you to use the Enlightenment in the most favorable way for you. So you have pressed 100 percent of the offer you get.

  1. Secondly, the decorations of the house, which are handmade by guerrilla artist MetalMinionPoland. Surely, you can use them, without figing out, to decorate the gray Burego interior apartment home garden patio, or also a balcony and yourself.  You also need to know that properly chosen home decorations create a unique and warm atmosphere.

Because it is not as easy as you and you seem. For, as in fact, what is referred to as life. What's more, how the effects on life have or may have home decorations.

It is known that home decorations can have positive energy?

First of all life, it is a feeling that you may and you have not felt so far. Moreover, the feeling of life that you cannot describe, because you are lacking in words, so as to dress appropriately in the words that you feel at the moment. It is a mega-important, do you know the values of human life and could you even mention one?

No doubt, one thing you know for sure is that you are mud like never before. However, do the home decorations have, until such an influence on yours, my, our well-being? However, it comes to the fact that it actually happens. That's why, take and verify all the decorations of the house you own in your interior.

So the hint is that I mean your interior, the depth of what is hidden, and what you can get out of front. Now you have the opportunity to verify how and think about which home decorations are going to be in the odbid.

In other words, you get rid of these decorations, which to some extent disturb your harmony of the meaning of existence. This is because you feel like you have not lived a full happiness of life. What's more, it's a feeling that slowly leads you towards misfortune.

But why is that? Because we cannot all reap happiness from life. Or perhaps because the greater part of the society has home decorations that are infected with the disease of the 21st century. Namely, morality and spiritual enlightenment are mentioned.

Now you need to make sure that your home decorations are not to be contaminated, because, the only known option to me.

First of all you need to remove these home decorations,

That will hurt you. This once you have made this choice, will mean that time to make your choice in the right decorations of your home.

Home decorations that impress everyone

For example, the sculpture of the lamp of Mrs. Simpson, is a custom figure figurine of the nefarious servant. So, it seems to me that this is the right choice because it has a lot of interesting uses. Such as: the possibility of decorating your own interior with full enlightenment and creating an exceptional atmosphere.

First of all, due to the fact that it is a yellow metal creature Minionka from the movie Minions make up. Moreover, I created them to make people happy, sick people. Or maybe you don't know what you really need for happiness and a successful life? Surely you lack enlightenment lighting, which is hand-made, and as I mentioned that they are not an ordinary product from a supermarket, or any cheap Chinese. However, is it a product of your expectations? Moreover, it is a product that will pleasantly surprise you. So it is an ideal decoration for your home, room, living room, office, kitchen, and more.

By the way, they also illuminate your mind.

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