GRU, Dru and Minions in Part 1-My fight

The story of My Struggle — GRU Dru and Minions under the title — Acquiring money. Most importantly, this is 1 honor of this story, but as if what admission is here. Therefore, I can start with the first event that stuck in my head. So now I have to go back to years of childhood, about some 32 years in retrospectively. When it was a tiny GRU while playing with his siblings, he suffered a small accident. That's why I'll try, more or less tell how it looked. Because I just remember the event snippets.

However, everyone probably knows how the wall was placed in furniture in the time of the PRL. In addition, each of you associates, the bar closes the key. I'm not going to look at the shoulder, because there's always some kind of mom's mother was hidden from us. And when the key was forgotten to hide, it was a cap behind the candy bar and silence.

Well, but I did not write about it. Because at first I mentioned that my struggle began in the early years.

I guess that's why this event stuck GRU in his head and hardly what would have stuck on amen. First of all, I mentioned the shoulder and the key, and it was so. So still a tiny GRU walked under the locker, and here suddenly the Bach and feels a headache and sees a trickdown of blood. Therefore, it pretends that nothing has happened.

Therefore, this event, has been in his head and the key, the whole luck broke in half and did not raise czachy. Therefore, it is hard for me to tell you why it is, and this was just the first nudge in the head of GRU.

Another GRU fight, however, this time for survival.

Above all, another struggle is happiness in misfortune. Because in this event, the young man deceive destiny. And it looked quite not interesting, namely, together with the brother we drove the Komarek and so they rode until the fuel shortage. And that the shortage of fuel and still was a desire for the war WE HAVE a mosquito, it was necessary to settle, although the letters Gasoline Ki. First of all, far they did not have to look. For, Daddy WSK in the garage with a full tank has become parked. But it was enough to find a snake and a bottle, and the case.  So actually it was supposed to look, fast action and back long to przeganiać mosquito.

First of all, in fact, it looked on the contrary, because the GRU is about a year younger than the brother, well, it was known who had to pull, from the petrol mosquito gasoline. Well, he ordered a strong fuel, but he did not tell him to drink gasoline.

How to react when you drink gasoline.
However, this time the fast intervention of TATY saved the life of GRU, and after the fear. Finally a small GRU, head down until the fuel back has not turned. However, what is the worst in all this, so this flavor of fuel in your mouth. It seems to me that this nasty aftertaste, which has long lingered in his mouth, is the worst in all of this. In addition, it is a bursting of the same fuel and it's long hours after something hideous and terrible.  It's so that more to the head of such a hewn idea did not come. And it has resulted, for the second time no longer happened to such a situation. Thus, the second time GRU deceiked Destiny, struggling with it as equal with equal.

This is another GRU fight and at the same time a childhood adventure,

However, this time, we come back from half a year forward. That's why I'll explain quickly what my struggle was in this event. However, I will start with the fact that a small GRU with a brother, this time they decided to help in the Sianokosach. Therefore, the guys went to the field, and there they packed hay and back into the barn. When it had already flung the wagon out of the hay and had to drive back.

Because then the cars were not on the agenda like now. I'd say they were rather rarity.

Well, but the car was on the grazing, you can associate a ladder wagon. Because, that was a typical ladder wagon. What's more, the guys still have a wigoru, the work in the field apparently they did not bother enough. This is because they jumped and ran around the wagon, from here and back until there was a small accident. For the young GRU had a leg and straight to the ground. It would be no injury to make it just a land. Well, but Pech wanted that GRU landed directly under the wagon and was only hurt but.

Because, unlucky it can not be nowhere to let go. Because he always, I always say, should be accompanied. Because, as we know, two more. So bad luck and happiness only together, because it is a harmonious duo.

And thanks to this duo.

My struggle, or rather a young GRU once again, has deceiated destiny.

This time, there was not much to be missed for another tragedy and do not think that GRU bypassed the wheel of the wagon. Because it wasn't. Because it was so that the wheel left its reflection on the body of the young man. But it wasn't a tragedy. For there was a miracle in the circle. But I do not know what would be like it would not have passed. Rather then my struggle would certainly be different until the fear of thinking.

Well, but without the wounds did not do so, GRU tried to hide the entire event in front of her mother. In addition, even a few days he did not know that something happened there. However, the pain was strong enough and teasing that he decided to tell his mother about everything.  Because in the same thing the circle drove the GRU along and only the head of some miracle passed. And that would be the third time, when GRU once again escaping destiny.

GRU, Dru and Minions in the first part of the story

 However, another GRU event broke them into the head.

I do not know if I mentioned, but the hammer, perhaps up to 8 years of age lived in the countryside. In addition, do not know why, in the countryside, as it is in the countryside, Gulyai Polye Soul, hell is not. Everyone, without exception, a village inhabitant is rather a young, it has what to do. However, this time only from half a year forward in time, to the place where the outdoors is a beautiful weather. This is why you guys decided to go out of the house and move where their legs will incur. So they walked and walked, they go fields, meadows, fads, roads and streets. And once they have come to the abandoned Rudera, where sin, it would not look inside and do not see what is hiding there.

The story of the GRU series, the Dru and the Minions

Suddenly, GRU's brother runs Exclamating in his feet,

And not much before, the rest of the team has been fleed. Of course, among them and the young gate is equal step, without giving up the rest or the meter.  What's more, the guys run like Burns, and no one really chasing them.

I do not know, maybe they thought that they would probably roll the fight with ghosts, or what I really do not know.

That's why now I'll tell you what my fight with the bottle looked like, it's a crew light.

But I will start from the fact that it was clear and clear that the guiding, escaping, held two bottles of wine (old Jaboles) in his hand. Because there was such a rule that what we find and what can be sold, we obviously take it as a loot. First of all, it is about bottles, cans or scrap. The guys had after 7 years, such an average, so much harm rather they did not like.

Thus, in the air and high above the ground, there were 2 bottles of 0.7 liters. And what is known that the body is thrown upwards, it must eventually fall down. It is now the finale of the whole adventure, because no one will guess where they flew these two grenades. In addition to that Chen High, and maybe where the two grenades fell.

One of them fell to the earth without doing any harm, but the latter landed at the top of the GRU's head. In addition, splashing into a tiny poppy, but fortunately, it was without sacrifice and without wounds. Once again, Young showed a mastery and courage, despite a powerful blow to the head, the fun lasted still.

Because my struggle, or GRU, in today's story came to an end.

So the GRU was already in childhood, he proved one for sure that he has a hard head and that he does not twist the scandal about any scratches.  Indeed my character, he was creted from an early age. For, each of the history has its own contribution and is a constituent element of the GRU's soul. Because I don't know how hard you would try to wipe out a moment of horror from your life. You must know that, however, it is a struggle against impossible. And your efforts will not bring you the desired effect, because it is still in us. Because as you do not try it, you will not know in total.

First of all, for those who do not know who in fact is the author of the alert, and it is my art of life in METALMINIONPOLAND

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