I have experienced a lot of good and bad in my life.

No doubt in my life I have experienced a lot of bad and much good. So the baggage of experience I have a large size and every day I add new content to it.  Because not the art is to survive life on the couch. On the contrary, the art must be experienced on its own skin. For then we can feel what life really is. You may not know what I am talking about, but you need to know that you have only one life. Therefore, do not waste the gift of God. For the time is no longer a retreat and you will not return to these moments. In which you would change the fate of your life.

At first you have to ask yourself a fundamental question about life, what they really are in the same thing. How should such a life look, which is fully used up to 100%.  It is obvious that everyone in their own way lives, but whether the choice was just the way that led him to fulfill. Because this fulfillment in all of this is paramount and it will make you a person happy with your life.

For the greater part of society is unable to answer to a third person, to a simple, trivial question, what life is for him. Moreover, asking 20 people why, every morning she gets up and goes to work, which he honestly hates. So why does he do it? You may not believe it, but 19 people responded in the same way that they do what others do. Well, because every morning it gets up and goes to work, it and I do as everyone.

However, this one person was a different sentence. First of all, without figing out, she replied that he stands up to go to work that meets her. In addition, he does what she always wanted to do in her life and what she always fascinated with. As a consequence, his professional life is in full happiness. However, in the same way, it looks like a private life, which is also good luck.

Finally, in my life I experienced an informed choice.

So it looks like the way I have experienced in my life, which I follow in the prescribed direction, is my conscious choice. No matter if you like it or not. Surely, I wasn't prepared for that I thought and imagined it myself in a different way. First of all, I had no idea what they are going to be able to make people go, that they can be so cruel and merciless.

When I experienced the art of creation in my life.

At the moment, the greatest my passion I have experienced in my life is to create the art of my subconscious, of which I can only. However, this state of affairs in my life is not long since, perhaps from 11 2017. And what was before this before I met with art and experienced real life.

So I got a completed professional school about the direction of the Elektromonter. First of all then it was my conscious choice that I wanted to work as an electrician. However, it did not last long, because my career as an electrician immediately after graduation changed his current status from an electrician to a decarza. Although the workplace has not changed, only the profession is performed. Therefore, it was still the way I wanted to follow, but not necessarily planned. Because I did not think I would become a decarder, after which the master of the Carpenter and at the end of the master isolator. It was a pure guerrilla, without a plan for the future. In other words, these 20 years of construction work, in the aforementioned professions, it was like preparing for something that was supposed to come. And it came, but with such a momentum, that two years I needed to fully understand the essence of the message of my art.

At first I wasn't aware that my life would change by 360 degrees. In addition, people are capable of everything, in the name of something they make terrible evil and at the same time consciously inflicting the other person pain. Perhaps they derive satisfaction from this. This I do not know, but I know for sure that they lack moral qualities, conscience and human value. Because people are like animals kept in cages, which gradually becomes aware of what is the Foundation and foundation of human life.

First of all, this art releasing me, gave me the meaning of life.

Now I am sure of my path and purpose to which I am going to measure the subconscious mind. It has already begun, so I told the one that the heaven descended. There were many of them, and they told you to do your friend, the message of your vision will be that testimony. So in fact it looks like the power of an army that is moving in our direction to inflict a decisive blow to humanity.

In life you have to experience it to be sure.

This is why I have experienced many interesting moments in my life so that I can understand the meaning of all that surrounds us. First of all, now I know what pain and suffering is, what is joy and sadness. And in addition, faith in hope and disappointment is not alien to me.

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