Life is not a theater, and the art of stupeing people.

The fact that life is not a theater is hardly anyone who is known, because now it is on top of the art of Stupiation.

First of all, I welcome you and invite you to my daily entry, in which I would like to raise the topic of science and knowledge. However, I am largely referring to the young generations of people. Which is lacking in general and basic knowledge, and as can be seen. In a very simple way, because you just have to take a short conversation to find some facts, and here you have an example.

I do not like to cling to something, or insuled someone, from where he again. Because sometimes I have the opportunity to get young people into the conversation. For this reason I know something about it and I can say.

For some time ago I noticed some irregularities in young people.  Who do not understand too much what they say to them. So don't think of me as A scholar. But my knowledge is enough to be able to communicate with people of different likes.

Because I have a pedagogical course, I have an insight into their minds, students from a vocational school. So I had to deal with these juvenile future craftsons. However, I have no idea how their life will be in a dozen years. For in the future they will interact and influence our lives as well. Because it is impossible to hide that all this is to some extent intertwined.

For this reason, I have not once told them that life is not a theatre. It's something much more sophisticated, and you'll finally get a dude for yourself and for the job. So in the same thing im mashed into the head, but somehow without results.

Understand in the end that life is not a theater.

Finally, in a few years, you can understand what life really is.  Somehow it seems to be unlikely that it has arrived.

Therefore, for example, I will describe to you some stories about young and ambitious students, what's more, this Cossack, because so he wanted to be returned to him was my disciple.

First of all, it is a boy from the village. Which, as I learned later, did not go too much from his home. And if someone forbid him, rather not. However, this is some unknowhow. For what was the reason that this young boy, full of eggs and Wigoru, all his life was bubming in four walls. In addition, accompanied by the same people. What do you think it really was.

You will not believe it, but it is his beloved mommy who has guided him and she has laid his life. However, what is the worst thing is that this woman's mother about life had no idea. Because as you can your synusiowi buy shoes with four numbers too big.

Life is not a theater, and a bunch of idiots playing the role of a clown, because you can read from their eyes
Life is not a theater, and a bunch of idiots playing the role of a clown, because you can read from their eyes

Finally, I have to say what was the reason that the boy in these shoes looked like a real clown. You may not believe it, but mom thought that at the express pace the son of the leg grows. Indeed, that was the reason for this sick incident.

And whether such a wearing for big shoes could somehow adversely affect the health of such a person in addition, whether there may be a consequence in the future.

Because it seems to me that life is not a theater or a circus and a crib.

First of all, to own the son of such numbers with boots, and where the logic and common sense. I would say that it is somehow played art, in other words it is a circus in the theater. One I just pity, namely the artist, who played it in the theater the role of a clown.

You may not know, but similar incidents in which human stupidity has passed itself, was quite a considerable number.

So the question arises, what is the reason for such, and not other behavior. Because people to some extent, and even I would have said that quite significant, are not aware of their actions. Moreover, they are unaware of the consequences that might arise.

Frankly, such a state of stout somehow begins to bother me and it is very, because where from them this lack of knowledge. First of all, the knowledge that is the basis on which the human life is ploting.

In addition, whether stupidity is a disease. However, I do not think that it was possible. Perhaps we are dealing with the planned action of someone or something, but for what purpose. Who might want people, or society, to think.

Consequently, the amount of wrongly taken decisions is increased. And which carry a significant consequence in its action.

Surely they know that life is not a theater.

It is rather obvious that we are dealing here with a theater, in which instead of art plays a crib. Because such social masses give themselves and manipulate their lives. For then, it is easy to tell them how to act and what to do.

Because they are enough to repeat this doctrine in circles, in which the message is contained. It is a great way to use it in many interesting ways. For example, this may be the election of the elite's governing us.

Likewise, such examples are thousands, where lack of knowledge has a significant impact on the wrong decision. Undoubtedly, this translates into a deteriorating life status of ordinary and simple citizens. As a consequence, we are used to the limit. Moreover, it begins to treat us as entities and as a cheap workforce.

First of all, the conduct of such a theatre, in which the actors are not able to verify their role. In other words, such an actor too many theatre authorities do not cost. Because it is enough to give him a bowl of rice, so he had the strength to continue to dodge in this theater. In which the director is so Opchana, like a non-pigmented pig. Surely such a pig is missing and nothing has to worry about.

However, it cannot be said that the pig in your life has never worked. Such perception of the director as the owner of the theater, certainly would be wrong. Because this boon has been preparing his spectacle and actors for many years. To finally be able to play its first premiere of the Art of Stupiation.

In the summary we already know that life is not a theatre.

Because it is something seemingly trivial, of which existence we do not realize. And because the actors were prepared for a long time to their role.

First of all, to the role of idiot, preparations lasting long years. For these years, the actors have been gradually giving knowledge. However, this knowledge is useless.

Moreover, the implementation of the doctrine is so created. To be thought that the crap is good enough in your taste that until delicious. And then it came to be treated as an aphrodizjak from the top shelf. Surely we are dealing with the ordinary crap exped by the director and the head of the theatre.

How do you think that such a course of thinking makes sense and whether you can practice it.

You have here another entry of the last day of the record, from my logbook hidden subconscious.

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