My work full of joy, because I'm a woroholikiem

Of course, my work is my conscious choice. So I will try to explain to you how something like a little significant affects life. In other words, my work must be a conscious choice. This is why, in my example, I try to explain what the problem is. Because I think it is discomfort. However, I am aware that not everyone thinks so, and for one it will be a problem. And for the other it is nothing extraordinary. For the sentences are divided.

This leaf and concrete sculpture is also my work
This leaf and this concrete sculpture is also my job

First of all it's like my job looks in my mind.

However, was it mine and just my choice, which I consciously made. What's more, or maybe it's a choice of someone else.

To be honest, this is something I experienced and worse, I had a kind of problem with it. From which I decided to free, because in the long run I would not withstand it. This is because I am not the type of man that can be forced to do something.

Rest assured that it's how you work, it has a tremendous impact on your development, not just spiritual, but physical. Is it possible, and no is it possible? Do you feel that you are happy with what you do, that is, your work?

You may not believe in it, but I will prove to you that this is basically happening. Moreover, in the long run it can destroy you, your precious and your only life. So, do you want to wake up as soon as it is too late?

Finally, I'll tell you what my work is like, that's a woroholic life.

To be honest, you may not realize that you are sick. And Pracoholism is a disease that is difficult to diagnose. And in addition, despite the fact that everyone in the circle they repeat that it is a disease. Just what you do not reach you, because you think it's all right. For this is not the case and it is hard for a sick person to understand.

In addition, labor-holism is not a work for punishment, on the contrary, it is your whole life and at the same time your isolated world. In which you probably long will not go. That's why I know what I'm talking about because I'm addicted To work.

In other words, I am a woroholics, but conscious of what I do. What is the worst thing that before it reached me was already after all. Moreover, I have not once heard what I am doing. But from my point of view was all about.

However, the truth was different. I am certainly aware that this is a disease. A disease that quietly and silently destroys your health and your private life. In total, it's about private life is not too much speech, because there is no such thing as private life. This is because the work is your whole life.

Because by doing, after 400 hours a month you do not have anything else time. So see how the life of a sick person on a woroholic looks.

Firstly, importantly, that woroholicy most likely have no family. Such a true, and self, in which his place has a wife and children.

I do not mean my own parents of brothers and sisters. Because it is not, so hop such a family to lose. This is because they will be with you until the end of the world and one day longer. No matter what you are.

So my job, as a woroholic, didn't give me a long time to know.

That's because since I reach memory, I've always done something. However, the first mistake I made already in the young years of my life. You can not believe me, but the first choice I have already done in primary school. Or rather after finishing it. Actually then I had to make a choice of school.

First of all my assessments were not the worst, and maybe even good. However, it did not have any significance, because I wanted to take it for the job. What consequently resulted in the fact that I had continued my education in a vocational school, but I regret it. It is on the one hand can and a little regrets. And on the other hand I look at it, but I do not regret it.

However, what is most important is that I did what I wanted to do, as I dreamed of. For this reason, in my life, I changed my employment two times. This is because the first my work because of a young age and the willingness to try something quickly ended. As a consequence of my decision, my continued work took place abroad. Surely it wasn't what I was thinking about as I rode there.

Therefore, after a year I returned to the previous employer, however, not for long. And that's because I had a good boss. He who one day stated that I am already willing to go to my own.  Because, the former boss has offered me help in the early stages of the development of my own business, I tried it.

First of all, or having your own business, I felt lucky?

So appropriate it was on the contrary, because I had to take a breath from morning to night.

Well, I do not say that I did not like it, because I would lie. But at certain times I could say that it was a punishment work. It's just because I don't know too much To deny people. As a consequence of my weakness, there was so much work that I was unable to redo.

After all, I couldn't split up and that's why I tame like an ox for sixteen hours a day. Of course you also need to think without two sentences.

When you summarize these two factors, the surplus work plus additional hours. Moreover, a heavy robot when lifting bricks and blocks at desert heat temperatures may end up:

  • Firstly you can burn professionally, and as you want to avoid it, click here where this problem is discussed.
  • Secondly, it is worse, which can be a health-finishing.

In other words, it will take and do not Evans enough, because you can end badly.

This can now be what my work is like, which I love.

And first I will ask you if you know this feeling of working out of love for what you do. Because I will tell you how it looks on my part. That is, a craftsman who has devoted his whole life to work. But you may not understand how you didn't have to deal with it. Because hardly anyone knows what it feels to be fulfilled. This is because most do it with Coeru and penalty. Moreover, hardly anyone has eggs to consciously make a choice of workplace.

However, I am aware of the fact that the family, the loans and many other factors that are on them for such a decision.

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Well, but probably life is not to be unhappy, I am sure that life is a short moment. So it is imperative that you make it your best. Do you know what I'm talking about, that before you do not turn, you will be too old?

For it to do what you have so far not done. Remember that my work is my joy and, above all, my happiness. For at work, you spend a really large part of your life.

Surely as an artist I am happy with what I do.

As you want, see how my Art of life looks like. What's more, see also what my everyday art looks like. So, if you have the opportunity to change the work to the one you have always dreamed of and you wanted. That's not what you're wondering, because as you wake up, it's going to be too late.

For whatever you have not done, because you have not had the courage to live the fullness of happiness.

However, this lack of awareness of the fact that it is possible that yours, whether or not my work can even winged us. Oh, I tell you, this feeling is divine when you can't wait for the next day. Just because you know that in the company or on the plant is an incomplete job. Because you love what you do and you can't wait to get back. Moreover, to complete what you started to start another project again. It's also another new chapter in life where my work in luck is rotating and so endless.

So, as my work is summarised.

Finally tell me if you feel it, what I write about as my work lifts me upwards.  So maybe you don't feel it and you have somewhere, it's like my work on me works. That's the only thing I can tell you that I'm damn sorry for that reason and I feel sorry for you. For I know and am aware of what you lose and how you waste priceless life, so these short lives. In this case it is not about money and about wages, here it is about you and your luck. For this reason, with the desire to profit you lose, and money.

Which you will earn over the size of your needs, you are not required to do anything. Because it is only a tool in the hands of bad and evil people who have gone mad at their point. Moreover, such people have lost those values, which in fact do not cost anything. For it is all free, but you have to understand some things. In which you have to comprehend the value of human life, because it is different after you.



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