Art Metal Minion Poland

Art Metal Minion Poland

Sculptures of lamp figurines in unique style

Creating a character sculpting art with a recycling mix is the only feature I can safely perform, which is 100% my work. In addition, it is made completely under my control and which represents a unique purpose, it is like a light in the tunnel. 

And that makes my existence somehow seem valuable. Because it is a real gift of being able to take something buried deep in the confusion of my consciousness. Then expose it and show it to other worshipful beings. So that they may feel the meaning of life. 

Because there is something else that you generally can't see, something more sublime than we just think. However, for reasons of people's beliefs, the accent of what is valuable is overlooked.

My first work I did from scrap in no way represent my current art style. For they represent what happened deeply in me during this time of my life. Because when Life throws me mercilessly back into the crushing soul of the abyss of nothingness. Then I'm forced to explore myself as well as give a structure to what I find… and creatures!

Because I've always been touched by beauty. That's why, creating a unique art, I always try to create something that I find beautiful. In addition, I believe in the feelings that I obviously have.

Because beauty comes to us in many forms. 

However, we do not always recognize beauty when we see it. That's probably why it has such a mysterious property.

Because when I create art, I am detached from ordinary life.  C more, I feel like I was not out of this world, as if I were not myself.  However, I am myself, only connected to my artistic consciousness. Without a doubt, there is a lot of me in my art. And yet my art is not me, not quite.

So, does the lack of choice for any reason always talk about madness?  Which is power, and people have always been afraid of power. So the core of great art is our great fear, our joyful terror. This is, of course, the essence of existence. Without two sentences, you can see it if you close your eyes and look deep into the middle of your soul. 

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Welcome to my artistic world in the land of Minionka

Because you are in the space of a nefarious servant of metal, on the plane of conscious reality. So you should start by reviewing the rules in force in this domain. For this is the only way to understand the nature of greater collectiveity with which you will exist here. 

First of all, you are in the area of yellow creature, in this area you can feel safe. Of course, I take responsibility for the monster.

You are certainly interested in the benefits of orbiting these unique beings. Because the basis for proper movement is the denouncing of the place of residence. That's why I'll tell you a short time what to expect here. 

There are certainly handicrafts products of the amateur artist's crafts, 100 % made of materials of secondary origin. Namely, we are talking about metal, steel, precious colored metals, plastic, wood, etc. In addition, the goods are unusual lighting, that is, figurelamps 3d Led. Moreover, their execution is meticulous and accurate. 

Because, what is most important to me, so that everyone can feel it, this positive energy. Which without two sentences I offer you, the light is created for you. Perhaps you will follow the subculture of maestria Gru. And as a result, you will become a lucky grain holder with precision   

Decorate the walls with art, that is, a plate with a motif of autumn leaves!

If you feel that, however, your interior setting of the apartment or house looks quite bad. Moreover, there is something missing from some ornaments that would revive this place. Moreover, she gave it such features as unique and unique design. And because you are a demanding person who knows what he wants. This, of course, is hard for you to reconcile.

Because special effects, or rather their creation, are my passion! So you need to see my unique product, which is a decorative novelty with universal use. In addition, it meets all your requirements and decoration criteria, which has this thing that will give you a profoundly captivating one. 

Finally, we managed to create a decoration other than all!

The autumn leaf wall plate is an artistic product made by hand, in addition, from secondary materials of origin. Moreover, it is a decoration of natural art with expressive colors of golden autumn.  In addition, the décor has a wide range of patterns, dimensions and shapes. Because it is about 200 births!

First of all, you need to know that these are unique decorations. Because I create them only as individual pieces and is a product without the possibility of repetition. That's why I advise you to make decisions that are fast, accurate and successful.



Meet me as an artist and the art of my style!

However, this is a mystery to me, why is it so difficult to reach you with my art? What was the reason was that, as a Guerrilla Artist, I'm just an amateur.  However, it is difficult to define the boundaries separating amateurs from the true masters of art creators. 

In the summary, my work, which lasts two years, looks like this:

  •  First, I create the art of my own direction and the art of the message of hidden information. In addition, the source is my subconscious, it from there draws inspiration and topics for my work.
  • Secondly, even though art took me almost everything I had. But I believe in it like never before. For we are connected by something that is inexplicable. Because how do I explain it to a person who has beliefs, and there are 98% of the population. That kind of, I have a vision of what I have at any given time to create.

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  2. The second is the story of Gru Dru and Minionki

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