That's why I went for elections, because life requires

Why I went to the elections despite the fact that I know that and so nothing can. Therefore, in this post from my art of everyday life I will describe what prompted me to go on that election.

Because, as everyone knows, yesterday, Polish citizens were able to donate their precious voices. Certainly on his chosen candidate in the elections to the Sejm and Senate. In other words, yesterday we chose, like the democratic election of a person. Which in our name, or society, are supposed to do to make us better for our citizens.

First of all, I can start with the fact that it is not true that we live in a democratic state. To be honest, there is no such thing as democracy, certainly not in Poland. Because this is not the way we think that we as a nation have some influence on what is happening.

That's why I went to elections, there is no secret.
That's why I went to elections, there is no secret.

However, why I went on election vote.

Is there to raise voter turnout?

First of all, because so far it lives among the public, and we people. Where freedom was received, we must hold together. Because in unity there is strength and those mendy, which govern this knowledge.

This is, among other things, trying in all ways to make people intertwined. This is why there are football clubs, religion and belief in another god. As a result, you think that after what you invented the sports competitions. Moreover, immigrants, the ideology of the Dżender and many others are an example of what differs from us.

For what they do, and after that, just as I mentioned, that we people could not put on them. Similarly, it could happen, as in the old Times, where the peasant are moving to the castle, then they take such an evil włodarz and hang behind the eggs. In addition, they take what they have in excess.

However, I will go back to the topic of democracy, which is a kind of in Poland and in the world. So, if there is democracy, why Facebook is blocking before the election of those who have their own opinion. Because they are aware of what is going on in the world, they are returning the times of slavery, as it once was. Maybe that's why I went to the election, because Facebook blocked me, my live broadcasts. Just why, I can not speak live, because I have my opinion about this crap and the Szamba in which we are now.

In fact, that's why I went to elections,

Because I believe that this is my duty. However, he realizes that this and so nothing will change our being, for we are slaves of the system, these pigs at the trough. Which still has little money, how much it would not be, and so still feel their lack and indosyt. First of all, money is just a tool. Moreover, this tool is in the hands of unsuitable people. This is because they are sick and possessed by the mania of having something that they do not use anyway.

Why I went on the choices, if I hope this will change something, I do not think.
Why I went on the choices, if I hope this will change something, I do not think.

However, most importantly, here you can see yesterday's election results. Also, as you fancy, I invite you to the page my art of life.

It actually looks like Poland, as you do not believe, then see this short video, which shows the best.


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