What is the foundation of the life of a human being, is it important?

Because you may not know or realize what is the foundation of the life of the human being. First of all, they are the words of an artist who in some way seeks to enlightening the spiritual. Therefore, in this daily entry, I am moving about morals and human behavior. Because, as you might have noticed, these values among people are changing. And whether the changes are good, but probably not, but you have to say.

The human head, or rather, the brain works in a way that we like to know, because it is rather everyone knows. But there come moments in life, a short moment that shows us how we know ourselves. In fact, such short events give us the opportunity to know ourselves. For you shall make sure you in your beliefs, and at the same time, hardening your only spirit. Moreover, to the extent that you are sure of your abilities and how you behave in a particular situation. Because there is nothing like peace of mind and dominion over the situation. So now I will quote the words GRU, which sound as follows:


Do you know what I mean, just like on the construction site, when putting up a house and as we know that the building structure does not equal. First of all, there are people who have a farta all their lives, and their building blocks are only positive emotions and a moment. And the house they build will be light beautiful and charming.

Secondly, the foundation of living in the cottage number 2.

But the builders, who have a mixed assortment, it is at first glance that something that its foundation of life, or a cottage somehow recombined. Because their building blocks are no longer so smooth and equal. For imagine that we now brick the front wall, our dream house. Finally we have the first layer of walls, and our wall, so far it has a thickness of 24 cm. Oh, how cool it looks, no because it is super, and now mortar and we fly with a layer of the other. This time, you make great eyes with surprise, when you take the next brick on its construction. And you see that something is wrong, but for now only one dimension you have is not fixed.

And what then does Mr. Kowalski, namely the surplus of the goods or his deficiencies hides. Like where, to the inside, because the front wall is the most important. Therefore, there, this place, must be on the tip of the top delivered. And why, because people see. Because you never invite anyone to your house, it's no longer important. Because it is important that you hide from the whole world these curves and deformed interior. However, what such an interior is worth, if we fill it with emits. In addition, for the rest of life we are covered with the fact made. So the building number 2 only from the top is pretty, because the interior has not been ruined since it was built. Well, for what, if the front of the grazed by and captivates the eye transitive.

Thirdly, the foundation of life in the Cottage No. 3.

Another building with number three, and in this case suppose that the first layer we have derived, on the so-called needle. Our beginning of the Eye Foundation enjoys, because it is simply a decha. And so here we apply the mortar and take the bricks in the hand, and what a syf that each brick is different. Among the piles of material are hard to find, although several matching blocks. In the previous structure was simplification, because only one dimension was changed. While the last construction of such a gate is no longer there and what the peasantry to do. Because the item can not be replaced, too many options are not.

The foundation of human life should be solidand built to make nothing and nobody could destroy it.
Because the foundation of human life, surely should be solidly built, so that nothing and nobody could destroy it. And in addition, it will undermine its balance.

Moreover, I would like to conclude that the solution is only one. Namely, it is left to roll up the sleeves and take to the robots. Each brick must undergo treatment to bring it to the dimensions of the first layer. So the robots do not have a measure, cut, self-cut, and like an artist, it matches brick after bricks. It does not do this on the Odpierdol, as its predecessor, and in this case, you could use stronger terms. However, we will not be sown and return to the Earth.

In summaring the foundation of life in each of the cottages is different.

As a consequence, the construction of the artist's building will not depart from the house of FARCIARZA. Because the middle and the front wall will be on tip top. In addition, you can confidently invite the visitor to the inside to saw your interior. Because you have nothing to hide. Your door can be open and you don't have to go back and check to see if it's locked into four draves. Because maybe someone will see your interior and what is so discreet hiding there. However, the only minus of the number three structures is the time of execution, here the work will not be visible from day to day.

Therefore, as soon as the cottage is not inhabited, like a FARCIARZ or a POZORANT. In this case, it takes time and patience, as well as self-denial. Finally, you know what is the most beautiful in the building number three. Surely, in my opinion, this is the end result and that your house has built itself, with your own hands. Not as in the case of the FARCIARZA, he himself did not put his home. He was a construction company, because he was unable to accomplish this. Because his baggage experience is none, he had everything given on the tray. And whether it's bad or not, it's no longer judged.  First of all, as you know that differently in life happens, and what as a fart will change the owner and what then?

Because the foundation of life is the basis, without which you fall.

So if your faith is not worthy of blasphemy, I will do that right. For I say unto you, end your reading here and now and in peace of mind leave this blog. Know that I do not vouch for their words, because they spontaneously evaporate from my interior or soul….. So, a few words for the number two building owners. Surely these are PIERDOLE… SEEMERS, GANG OF THIEVERY AND SOCIAL DEATES.  Because HU… YOU are going TO LOOK AT ADJACENT BUILDINGS and you TRY TO STIR in their clean interior. And for calming emotions then see my last entry betrayal is life, and I will describe it and I will not believe it

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