Does a hand-made product have a chance with a mask

A hand-made product better than mass production or can it be the opposite?  This is why, in this post, I am moving this topic of handmade products as well as products made on a mass scale. First of all I will answer the questions.

  1. First, what is manual product execution.
  2. Moreover, whether the goods that are hand-made desirable by the customer.
  3. Thirdly, what are the differences between a hand-made product and a mass product.
  4. Finally, where you can buy the products manually done.


  1. Firstly, what is a manual robot, and it is the realization of the product with the hands of a craftsman. Moreover, without the use of complicated equipment, which the proper all the work is performed as a man of a professional. Without two sentences, these works are performed by a professional, not a machine or a robot.
  2. Secondly, handmade products are mainly created by artists, but the countries that are advanced in art culture are mentioned.
  3. Thirdly, handmade articles create people, enthusiasts who love the Fach. Moreover, another group of people involved in the manual execution of the goods. It is the people who need to do something to sell quickly, to have for what to live, and to be referred to the poor countries.
  4. Fourthly, handmade products create craftsmen in countries with a poorly developed economy. This is because there are no huge factories and companies nearby. And which produce their goods in millions of pieces of a given assortment.
  5. Fifth, crafts become popular among seniors, who for the killing of time and bores form beautiful products. This creates more and more organisations and circles that associate older people to be active.
  6. Sixth hand-made articles form people, crazy on the point of handicraft art. However, to this bunch of madman and I count.

First of all, is the hand-made product a desirable commodity?

It's hard to tell whether a hand-made product is the desired commodity among consumers, because it all depends on the country. So, surely in the USA handmade goods enjoy great interest and taking. However, when it comes to the Polish handicraft market. It's like everything, twenty years behind the rest of the world. For in Poland, people are only at the stage where they begin to understand art. As a consequence, it translates into interest in hand-crafted products.

Another very important factor, greatly influending the increase in interest in the hand-made product. And we are talking about Asian products. This mass-scale comes down to Europe and other countries in the world. What's more, the low price of the product usually goes along with poor quality materials. This is why a lucky buyer that product is long for not enjoying it.

Because after a short time of use that thing is spoils.

In addition, many such purchased goods do not work from the first contact with the customer. As a consequence, it contributes to a decline in confidence in global production on a massive scale. And this results in the increasing interest in the product by hand.

Therefore, what differences divide the manual job and the job on a mass scale.

  1. Firstly, they are executed. It is known that handmade goods are made by a craftsman, or a person of a human species. However, when it comes to mass-scale articles. It is on the contrary, because the whole work of that craftsman, the robot crashes or the machine.
  2. Secondly, there are differences in the quality of the materials, which create the product as a whole. So usually such a factory in bulk quantities is done with materials of inferior quality. However, this is not a standard. Because there are producers who realize their products in millions of pieces. However, they care about the quality of their assortment. As a consequence, it results in a long product usage. First of all, when it comes to materials used for manual work. It is certainly a first-class commodity.
  3. Thirdly, the price and, for the time being, the price determines whether the product is to be taken at the customer.
  4. Fourthly, this is the availability of the product at any given time and place. However, this time I will refer to the handmade works produced by the craftsman. Because, as you know, the amount of this type of hand-held products is negligible. Consequently, this results in the fact that there is a client for the goods. This is the commodity, usually not in stock, nothing worse.

Finally, do you know where you can buy a hand-made product?

  1. Firstly, it is the Internet, ie online stores. First of all I recommend Etsy – a website with international coverage. Moreover, it enables the sale and purchase of products made in a traditional way. So, starting from the scent of candles, after the chair is Soaky tennis balls.
  2. Secondly, another place where you can buy handmade products. It's primarily, there are various types of fairs or markets.
  3. Thirdly, the next place where you can buy a hand-made product. Surely these are STIs, located by the sea during the holiday season.


For this reason, I will mention the advantages of a hand-made product.

  • First of all, he made it a craftsman, with the precision of the watchmaker.
  • In addition, such a product handmade with feeling and emotion.
  • Moreover, the products from the hand of the craftsman are more durable and more durable.
  • Surely, if you buy a hand-made product, you are helping the local markets of artistic crafts. So you contribute to the development of art and culture.

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Because we know the advantages, now, what defects have a hand-made commodity?

As for what defects have hand-made goods, it is definitely the price. Because such product performance consumes more time and energy. This is why it looks like these products had prices from space, but it is not.

Next time, think twice before you buy something. So think about what a better alternative is for you. Is it that you buy the goods for the buck from Asia, which and so after a while will break? However, you can buy a hand-made product, which will serve you long years.

First of all, I hope you make an informed choice and this time you buy a product that will meet your expectations.

What is also important is that if you fancy to know my art, and I create handmade sculptures statues of lamps and lighting. So I invite you to my site, where my art of life is something new. However, there you can find something that will help you understand some of the issues that exist, you may not even know. Because you can be unaware of what you are doing around you.

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