Winning combat is the goal of life, but why it hurts

WINNING COMBAT is part of every person's life, but not everyone is able to fight for their own. Not everyone has so much strength to withstand this pain and the suffering that accompanies the way to the goal. However, it is a few who succeed, but there are those who, despite all this, are reaching the goal.

Just because your survival instinct helped you stand up when you fell. And when you lay like a cake on the ground, after which you drove the road roller. Finally your instinct has taken the fight for you. First, and not when you are the only one to draw a helping hand that you just need to do right now. For this instinct. Nobody else did it, firmly and with a certain hand pulling you upwards.

First of all to the level where you already have the strength to fight. This is why, despite the enormous pain, barely the legs, you go forward. As a consequence, you reach your destination and then you realize that you have won.

Winning the fight over time becomes a routine, but how to achieve it?
Winning the fight over time becomes a routine, but how to achieve it?

So you're the winner, anyway as you assumed from the beginning. Because otherwise it could not end if at startup I know in which direction I measure and where is my goal. In addition, I believe in it unbounsively, despite being encountered on the way of failures and failures. After all, I know and realize that every defeat is a fertilizer of success.

The most noteworthy is that you believe that the goal that you are following is within your reach. First of all, do not let yourself be able to say that it was different. Surely this faith and consciousness is the key to

That my winning battle was successful

 Goals, survival, pain, battle and winnings are my entry below the profile picture, which is read from behind. According to my feelings, these are the qualities and priorities of a normal thinking man. If I'm wrong, because it may be so please correct me.

First of all, summarizing all aspects of the essence of this topic. However, I come to the fundamental conclusion that my mindset is not an abstraction. Or rather, something normal.

  • First, it's a GOAL that every man with some ambition possesses. However, for one goal is to create a family, planting a tree and building your own home. For the second goal is quite, something else, for example. So there are and those who aim to have something left in this world. Once they have gone to the other side of the Matrix world. Here just could be exchanged infinitely, because different goals in life people have.
  • Secondly, it's survival. This is not a leap, because it is a human characteristic. Which has been accompanied by man for tens of thousands of years.
  • Thirdly, it is a pain that is also an indispensable part of life. However, it can be felt in two ways. First of all, physical pain, which, compared with mental pain, is like a nudge in the nose. Above all, this mental pain is the worse alternative. And even worse is the growing phenomenon of human life.

Fourthly I can tell my winning battle.

To be honest, we are fighting every day and this is not a new phenomenon. Because we fight to survive and be able to live normally, among other things I am an artist guerrilla doctor welder MetalMinionPL. Moreover, you can fight for justice and truth. What's more, I know and those who struggle with a mental illness, and this was my compaccid something to him to head. In addition, the struggle of Poles with German Nazis during the Second World War. Surely I could exchange for hours, and so probably all the examples where the fights are held. 

  • Fifth, win. According to me, these five concepts are most desirable among people. Moreover, animals are probably just as desirable.

However, the same word win can be interpreted in many ways.

  • Because you can win in the Totolotka, click here and check the results because you may have won. But here I wouldn't have been peeling. Because Totolotek this is one big scam. Well, but in the dreams you have to believe and you can hit a girl in a large dart.
  • Moreover, you can win a second life, as long as you are LUCKY-em.
  • Also you can win a CD on the radio Zet and many other material and spiritual things.

As for the victories in the spiritual realm is somehow nobody praises to win something. I wonder why this happens in the same thing. Or perhaps they do not praise their winnings, because they are so modest that they say nothing. After all, it's not in their style. Well, as if it were, so that the neighbor and others in the circle did not know that I won something that I got something kind of free. Because it may be that people do not perceive what is spiritual? Because they are sick of the disease of the 21st century, which is called lust for money and nothing beyond the foris, they do not see.

My winning battle doesn't mean that I won the war, it's just 1 battle.
My winning battle doesn't mean that I won the war, it's just 1 battle.

So this is already the end of this entry, but still I invite you to my blog my Art of everyday life

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